Monday, November 21, 2016

70 in 7 Challenge

I wish I could give credit where credit is due, but, for the life of me, I cannot remember/find where I saw this! 

I saw this challenge on one of the (many) blogs I read and thought it was a perfect time to participate since the holidays are almost upon us!

The premise is you get rid of seventy things in seven days.  How you get rid of the stuff is up to you....Donate, recycle, consign, or trash.  The point of the challenge is to help declutter your house of unwanted items.

Here's what I got rid of/how I did.

Monday Items: 31
On Monday, I made some major headway to the "70" goal, far exceeding the "10" things I was supposed to find. 

First,  I searched the house for things I could consign and came up with the following:
1 pair of black high heeled boots that are too small for anyone of us
2 knit winter hats
2 scarves
3 pairs of wool gloves
1 small beaded black evening purse
1 multi-colored light sweater
1 ring
1 crystal heart shaped ring holder
1 light pink sweater

I also started a box of items to go to Game XChange so I could earn some credits toward Christmas gift:

1 DVD of Pretty Little Liars (full first season)
1 DVD of PS I Love You
1 DVD Nights in Rodanthe
1 DVD The Proposal
1 DVD How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
1 DVD The Haunting of Amelia
1 DVD Nicholas Sparks Collection (4 movies)

Also, I was able to recycle 12 old magazines.

Tuesday Items: 11
I'm not quite sure how to approach Tuesday's items since I cleared away a LOT of excess/unnecessary paperwork.  What I threw away/recycled was in the dozens but I guess, in the end, I'm not going to count it as anything since none of it was hard to get rid of.  I'm going to only count things that took conscious effort.

That being said, I will count the following recycled things:
2 catalogs
1 magazine

I tossed:
1 pair of holey smooshed black flats (they were my favorite but well past being useful)

I started a Goodwill box as well:
2 coffee mugs

There is a used book store in Hamden that I have been meaning to check out.  I started a box of books we no longer want/need to earn some credit there:

1 Nora Roberts book
1 book on the Connecticut witch trials
1 bakery cookbook
1 pasta cookbook
1 Noah Hawley book

Wednesday Items: 23
Already started to get harder the third day into this challenge!  But I somehow rallied throughout the day and did pretty well!  =)

I decided to venture into the world of EBay and attempt to sell:
1 (very expensive) Medela breast pump bought for my niece but returned since she changed her mind about nursing
1 Cize DVD weight loss system I have been holding onto for far too long

2 flimsy containers that really weren't all that useful in the end
2 dented/rusted cookie tins
1 cheapy plastic birthday party cup
4 very cracked/warped plastic candy molds
1 new American Girl catalog
1 very messed up Harry Potter paperback (unreadable but still hurt to throw out!)
1 empty plastic first aid kit (already have three others that are stocked don't need anymore plastic!)
1 small chipped glass bowl originally from Dollar Tree

Into the Goodwill box:
1 sterling silver box holder for napkins

Into the box of box for the used bookstore:
1 book on frosting recipes

2 old dog eye medications (past expiration dates)
1 beat up coin purse I used for Big Y silver coins (now defunct)

And, last but not least:
3 books that Guppy 1 forgot to return to her Lit teacher last year (oops!  Better late than never?)

Thursday Items: 11
Literally spent the day running around in the car!  Not much time was spent at home at all!

Ebay item:
1 set of demitasse spoons from Finland (Freebie Fairy gave them to me since she got them from her ex-douchebag of a boyfriend and didn't want them anymore.)

3 old broken down board games

7 used printer ink cartridges (will bring to Staples for credit)

Friday Items:9

1 old IPhone box
1 broken computer keyboard
1 broken computer mouse

1 new catalog
1 broken picture frame
1 broken IPhone 4 case
1 2017 gifted monthly calendar I really had no use for
1 (more) cracked plastic candy mold

Used Bookstore Pile:
1 hardcover book:  My Best Friend's Exorcism

Saturday Items:0

So, yeah.  Big goose egg for Saturday's number.  In my defense, I was out for quite awhile on Saturday doing Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  And, when I was home,  I wasn't focused on my quest to get rid of stuff.  Since I was ahead in my item count, I decided to give myself a pass for the day.

Sunday Items: 6

It was another busy day trying to take care of the house for the holidays with some deep cleaning and repairs.  However, I was able to get a few things out....

3 misc shampoo bottles with only dregs left!  I put them together and used it this morning
2 conditioner bottles - same deal as above
1 bottle of pet cleaning solution (again, dregs left and it wasn't very effective anyway)

Total Items:  91!

I beat the challenge by 21 things!  Not too shabby!

I'm thinking about giving this  another try in a week or two!  It helped quite a bit by making the idea of decluttering "fun".

Have you ever done a challenge like this one?

Happy Monday!


  1. I finally took a box in the garage to Salvation Army when I passed it yesterday so it was at least 6 things...does the box count?? IF recycling did count, my husband also took piles and piles of paperwork to the neighborhood shred so all of our paperwork from the old house is gone. I am really excited that we are getting rid of things too but I don't know how many things I can actually do but I would like to try to work on my pile of kids stuff and finishing cleaning out the storage room. Hope you do great and wonderful tracking of all the things things too!!

    1. I hear you about the piles of paper! I tried not to count much of that since there was SOOO much that I got rid of! Papa took the garbage out last night and was shocked at how many bags there were this week (seven!) and that's AFTER I recycled as much as I could! =)