Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dinners This Week

Sunday Dinner
Guppy 1, her friend, and I went on another exploring adventure - one which included me scaling a chain link fence that I didn't end up even having to do!  Guppy 1 knew this but told me I needed to climb that fence so I would believe in myself.  LOL   Anyway, we got home feeling tired from a long ride (two hours each way) and the three hours in between we spent exploring but, everyone still needed to be fed right?  Families are funny that way....they want to be fed every day!  Who knew?  haha!

Homemade Vegetable Fried Rice
Veggie Pasta Salad (G2 had this and I have a lot of leftovers for this week's lunches - which was this salad's original purpose!)

Monday Dinner
Papa knew he was going to be working late so I was able to adjust dinner to:

Breakfast for dinner for the Guppies:
Cinnamon French Toast
Apple Cider Bacon
Diner style Home Fries

While I made:
Blackened Chicken Salad
for Papa & me.  I had leftover raw chicken cutlets that had to be cooked off so this was a frugal win as well!  Plus, there is enough chicken and salad fixings for two lunches this week!

Tuesday Dinner
I got preoccupied with working on my book (but I was able to write over 7K words over one afternoon so go me!) and had no real plan for dinner.  Also, Papa was working late again.  And Guppy 2 had to be at the high school for flag practice.  So, I decided on a quick meal of:


Guppy is back on her semi vegetarian kick so she opted for grilled onion quesadillas with salsa.
Papa's raw burger was seasoned and left in the fridge for him to make when he got home from work.

Wednesday Dinner
Emotionally and physically exhausted but didn't want to do take out.  I decided that the Guppies could use a little comfort food so I let them pick out what they wanted me to make for dinner.  (I had to run to the grocery store for toilet paper anyway so picking up a few ingredients to make dinner wasn't a big deal.)  Thankfully, their choices were not only frugal but things I could make with my eyes closed.  So win win!

Spicy Udon (G1, Papa, & me)
Chicken Noodle Soup with Snowflake Rolls (G2)

Thursday Dinner

Turkey Tacos

Friday Dinner
Guppy 1 went out for the afternoon and then out with a friend for the evening at a bonfire party.  Guppy 2 had a high school football game tonight.
My "Mom" senses were tingling and told me they were going to both need food when they got home.  So, I used this as an excuse to grab Chinese take out.
Papa and I split:
General Tsao's Chicken
I grabbed for G1:
Pork LoMein
And for G2:
Vegetable LoMein
And, my senses were spot on since both of them came home starving!  Haha!

Saturday Dinner
Guppy 1 was out with friends.
Guppy 2 was in New Jersey with the high school band at Nationals Competition.
So, DATE NIGHT for Papa & me!
Papa & I went to New Haven to walk around and find someplace new to try to eat.
We ended up at Prime 16, a burger place Papa has wanted to try for awhile.

And, that's how last week went for dinners around here.  I have said this before but, I really need to up my recipe game.  We need some sort of variety for sure!


  1. I'll be trying to plan for next couple weeks since I'll be at many doctors appointments and have loads of good on hand so no need for take out.My soup swap should yield some easy meals.

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  3. Nice meals and glad you had a date night!