Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Don't Worry!  No candidates will be bashed in this blog post!

While I was walking my dog this morning, I took some time to think about exactly what I wanted to write here today.  Unlike my personal Facebook account, I chose not to get political on my blog - especially in light of this year's presidential election.

But, here's a "fun fact", I come from a very political family.  I have two great uncles who served as first selectman of their towns for many years.  My grandmother served on her town's housing authority committee.  When I was young, no one said anything specifically to me about politics per se.  Yet, they still taught me much through their every day actions.  And, without assigning a "D" or an "R", I knew what my heart told me was right and wrong.

Fast forward to my 18th birthday and my official right to vote....

Year after year, one of great uncle's (Uncle P) would call me on Election Day.  He would ask me if I got out to vote yet and what time I was planning on going down to do it.  Was he asking me to vote for him?  I can't say.  But, Uncle P would tell me how important it was that my voice be heard - which I would in turn perceive as a lecture since I was still a snarky 18 year old who wanted nothing to do with "boring politics".

I didn't get it.  Values were so entrenched in me but I didn't understand how important it was to vote!

It took me way too many years to finally understand but, it finally sunk in about twenty years ago.

No matter who you are voting for, everyone is concerned about the fallout after the votes are finally counted.  Everyone is worried about what the future holds for us and our children.  Everyone wants their candidate to win.  But, I'm also pretty sure we all just want this race to be over - we are all suffering from political fatigue. 

Here's the small silver lining I found in this black cloud that has hung over us for far too long....

  We have had very long and good conversations (especially with G1 who is almost 18) about each candidate and why Papa & I are voting the way we are.  G1 has actually sat with us and watched some of the debates and news shows.  They have formed their own opinions of the candidates but have also connected the dots that I failed to growing up.  Like I did with my family, they have observed Papa & I going about our daily lives and sees why we do what we do.  But, they are also grasping the importance of voting far earlier than I ever did.  And, I guess I have this polarizing election season to thank for that.

If you have children old enough to understand, talk with them.  Let them ask questions.  Give them honest answers.  Keep them interested and engaged! 

And, by all means....

Get out and vote!

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