Monday, November 28, 2016

Errands Day!

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving which means I "officially" survived!  Haha!  Actually it was a really nice Thanksgiving and weekend so no complaints here!

Since tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be super soakers - we are in dire need of the rain!, I am going to try to get as many of this week's errands done today as I possibly can!

Here's the plan:

1.  Drop some more stuff off to consignment store
2.  Drop books off to used bookstore (and look around of course!)
3.  Drop off some more DVD's to Game Xchange for credit (I have my eye on a possible gift for Papa)
4.  Cash in change at CoinStar in the local grocery store
5. Head over to Target for a pair of tights to go with my dress for Papa's work party at the end of this week
6.  Go to the bank to pull out Guppy 2's drum lesson money  (Lesson is tomorrow but I'd rather just have the cash home today.)

Once home, I would like to:

1.  Surf the net for any good Cyber Monday specials
2.  Get a few more loads of laundry washed & folded
3.  Tidy up the kitchen
4.  Vacuum & sweep the first floor
5.  Make sure the (unfinished) basement is set in case we get water - sometimes we get a decent amount of water down there if it rains really hard

IF I can accomplish all (or even most) of this, I can spend the next few rainy days doing some baking and reading my Gooseberry Christmas books as my "reward" for all the work I have been doing around the house over the past week plus!

It would be nice to have a morning off!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. That's quite a list. We have rain as well-It would be tons of snow if colder.

  2. Wow, big list!
    They say we are going to get rain. We are in a drought so I sure hope we do!