Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Every Day I'm Hustling...

Is that song stuck in your head now too?  LOL

Truthfully I don't hustle the way I should all the time.  So, while I write about how I'm trying to eek out extra cash for Christmas, I also need to start keeping in mind that this is what I should be trying to do all year!  That has to go on any 2017 plan I make because I'm sure I could find quite a bit of cash over the course of a year.

Anyway, here we are with Christmas around the corner and I'm trying now.

Here's what I scrounged so far:

$15.25 in store credit at Game Xchange
I have some ideas for purchases for Papa and each Guppy here so this credit will help keep the cost down.  As an example, a game I was thinking about getting for Papa was only $5!

$21.26 at the consignment store
This is what was in my account as of yesterday.  I brought a few more items and will check back in early next week.  I will probably "cash out" whatever I have next Friday.

$25 Amazon Gift Card
Nope, not from Swagbucks - which I have been having a lousy time with lately.  I can search for HOURS and not get a single "buck" but that's for another post...
This card came from Papa's "points" on his credit card which he uses for work.  So, it's like Papa got a bonus for the traveling.

Potential Hustles:

I finally got a bite on the breast pump! This is the second week it has been listed so I'm very excited.  It has 6 watchers so we will see if the auction goes up.  Otherwise I will have to decide if I'm going to just take the price offered.
Also on the Ebay front,  I am going to put back up the Cize video - I haven't yet because G1 wants to help me stage the pictures better since I suck apparently.  LOL
While I'm at it, I will probably put that Coach bag I got a zillion years ago from the Freebie Fairy up there too.
Any and all Ebay money is staying in my PayPal account to help with the purchase of G1's new camera - which I'll either get as her Christmas or January birthday present.

Facebook Tag Sale
I tried this originally with the breast pump and didn't get any takers.  But, I'm going to try it again (I think).
My mom gave me a bunch of Tafford Nursing scrub tops that she no longer wants/can use.  All are in great condition!
I am thinking I'll post them on my local Facebook tag sale page this week and see if I get any nibbles.  If not, I'll put them on Ebay since they do sell well there.

FYE or similar
My parents were going through their extensive music collection and have weeded out a good twenty to thirty CD's!  I took a quick look on the FYE website and priced some of them out thanks to the handy dandy sell it feature.  It's definitely a crap shoot. The prices were all over the place - $4, $1.25, $.10 (yes that's ten cents!).  So, what I really need to do is decide if it's worth my time to list them all on Ebay or suck it up and take what I can get from FYE or a similar resale music shop.

I am keeping a keen eye on all my mail now.  I have received valuable coupons from JCPenny (again a $10 of $25 purchase like the one I used previously for our great nephew's Christmas gift), Bath & Body Works, Ulta, and Victoria's Secret.  These will all work to my advantage as I begin to tackle my list!

Used Bookstore
Sadly I didn't have a chance to get yesterday as planned.  But, I will probably go by the end of this week.  Papa & I aren't picky about whether or not our books are "new".  So I will start an account with them and we can both do some Christmas shopping there for each other.

While I know this all sounds like a drop in the bucket, I really feel like every little bit helps!

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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  1. I need to add some hustles in 2017 as well. My savings goals, to be posted later this week, are over the top ambitious for our gross and take home, so bringing in more is the best solution. (or deflate my goals)