Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Freebies Galore and Frugality From an Unexpected Source

Quite a few freebies have come my way over the past few days!  Let's check them out, shall we?

First off, the Freebie Fairy was purging her house again!  Honestly, I don't know where she stores half this stuff!  Her house is consistently like a furniture show room!  Even her unfinished basement is orderly with no dust!  Anyway, here is what she gifted us with on Monday...
1 new bottle of French face serum (she decided she didn't want it and G1 scooped it up)
1 cocktail ring (not anyone's style so off to consignment)
3/4 jar of natural peanut butter (She didn't like it.  By the way, she is the ONLY person I take open food from because, well, she's my best friend so I'm not skeeved out)
1 unopened container of Mrs Meyers Lavender surface scrub cleaner (She decided she hated the lavender line.  We love it and will use it)
1 large coffee mug (off to consignment but, I did keep the TWENTY paper towels she wrapped it in to use for kitchen spills)
1 package of five shiny gold grocery style bags (I was at a loss as to what to do with these since I would never go to the store with these things!  Too flashy for me!  Then I thought about it and figured I could use these at Christmas time!  For example, Papa's aunt is on a fixed income and has celiac disease.  We normally purchase gluten free treats for her at Christmas.  This bag would be perfect to use once I wrap some greenery and holly on the handles!)

Next freebies up were from my local Mom & Pop style pet/feed store.  I know that you can usually get better deals at big box stores but there is something about a Mom & Pop that you can't beat!  Plus, this place is super knowledgeable!  My almost ten year old Lab has been licking an area of her back leg and developed a "hot spot".  She's okay otherwise so I went down there looking for advice.  A quick search on Google warned us that there is a good chance this is developing yet (ANOTHER!) food allergy.  After getting some recommendations as to what type of spray on ointment would be best to try heal the area, I was also offered five sample sized bags of dog food!  Score!  Bonus is my dog loves the new gluten free kibble AND it's not one of the high end super pricey foods!  I'll be going back to buy a bag later this week.  So, yeah it works out for the store but it saves me a good chunk of money from having to buy bags of new food to test out too.

Then, also on Monday, Papa's department won a Halloween decorating contest and scored a free pizza party (date is still being decided).  But, that's still a FREE lunch!

Finally, the Guppies went to the dentist yesterday for their teeth cleaning and got the usual freebies of a tooth brush and dental floss each.  But, in their little "goody" bags were also coupons for mouthwash, two travel size mouthwashes, two travel size fluoride rinses, 2 travel size toothpastes, and G2 got "threaders" to help get the floss through her braces.  Very generous office if you ask me!  I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned today (and have that cracked tooth looked at) so, if yesterday's freebies hold true, I am probably looking at the same -including more floss threaders
since I have a cemented in bridge from a lost front tooth when I was eight.)

So, lots of freebies over only three days!

Now, as to the frugality from an unexpected source...

As I am sure I mentioned in the past, Guppy 2's boyfriend is in the high school marching band.  They have a bus trip to the New Jersey "Nationals" competition in two weeks.  The school is hiring Coach buses to take the parents and any students who wish to go.  I'm sure there is a fee to go on this bus. (My best guesstimates are anywhere between twenty and forty dollars per person.)  I told G2 we would pay for the bus trip - I wasn't worried because the boyfriend's parents are going so she would be looked after).
G2 came up with another solution on her own.....
Apparently, the marching band was looking for volunteers to help wave a very large tarp/flag over the band at the end of their performance. They need seven kids to handle this thing!  So, G2 and a couple of her friends volunteered to help.  They have practice three times per week over the next two weeks so they can get used to wielding this thing around!  LOL
In the end, everyone is happy.  G2 not only gets a FREE bus ride to the competition, she also gets to go on the BAND's bus so she will be with her boyfriend and many of her friends.  Plus, she is involved with something at school - even if it's a very brief period of time.

How about you?  Any good freebies come your way lately?

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