Saturday, November 26, 2016

Groupon Score

A while ago, I tried Groupon and purchased a chimney cleaning service for $45.  Unfortunately, that service was a bait and switch because, when the company came out to clean the chimney, they "inspected" it and told me that I needed a "more intensive" cleaning than I purchased but they would be more than willing to deduct my groupon money from the new $400 cost.  Oh, and they wanted to do over $700 worth of work on my chimney on top of that!  Ummm, yeah.  No thanks.  I sent them on their way and complained to Groupon about it. 

Thankfully, Groupon did refund me my $45.

Last year I used $30 of it to purchase a round of golf at a local course for Papa & one of our good friends.

But, that last $15 has been languishing, untouched.

In an effort to squeeze whatever cash I can out from wherever I can this holiday season, I turned back to dear old Groupon to see if I could find anything useful....

And, guess what?  I did!

Papa & I like to go out to lunch/dinner at least once by ourselves during the holiday season.  So, as I was looking through all the restaurant offers, I came across one of our favorite places...$17 for $30 worth of food!  So, after deducting the $15 just sitting in my account, I paid $2 for $30 worth of food at a restaurant Papa and I enjoy!

I'll take that as a win!

Happy Saturday!

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