Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here We Go.....Dental Costs!

I have always seemed to have "problem" teeth and I shouldn't be surprised about this latest round of issues.  And, of course, it's my fault for not seeing a dentist for regular cleanings - which I had been doing until my wonderful dentist retired almost two years ago.

Anyway, the good news is that I love this new dentist and his practice!  And, I also found out that, not only one of my old dentist's hygienist is employed here, but my retired dentist gets his own teeth taken care of here.  So, yeah, it's one less worry to know that I am in good hands.

Onto the bad news....

The cleaning revealed a few issues....

I had a deteriorated filling that had broken off and needed repair on one side.

A small cavity beginning on the other side in one of my top back teeth.

And, then, the lovely issue I already knew about....

the "broken" tooth.

Yup, it is broken and UGLY!  I got to see a picture in real time on the big computer screen in the room....definitely not a pretty site!  It's very close to needing to be crowned but the dentist wants to try to easier (and cheaper) way of just filling it and see if it holds.  Apparently part of my tooth did break off when part of the filling in it broke as well.  Weird that it didn't hurt at all when it happened.

I had the one side refilled yesterday and go back tomorrow for a longer appointment to take care of the other two.

One more piece of good news however is that this office will bill your insurance company before making you hand over any cash!  When the new person took over my retired dentist's practice, she was making you pay the "estimated" payment after insurance the day you had the work done before submitting it to insurance.  I didn't like that AT ALL!  haha!

Oh, and if that's not enough money slipping through my hands,  my lovely Guppy 1 has to meet with an oral surgeon for the dreaded wisdom teeth appointment!  After her cleaning (and the xrays that showed the impacted wisdoms), she came out and told me that I cursed her!  LOL  People are always saying we look alike - which I can sort of see, although I always tell her she is version 10.0 of me! - and, like her, I had very impacted wisdom teeth.  I assured her that her extraction will go a LOT better than mine did!  Fingers crossed this happens!  =)

Still thankful for our insurance though!  It would be disastrous without it I'm sure!

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