Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Health Benefits for 2017 & A Little Less Thanksgiving Stress

Earlier this week, I had mentioned to Papa that we hadn't received anything regarding next year's benefits in the mail yet.  He looked into it yesterday and found out everything is being done online.  Since we are continuing with the higher of the middle tiered plans, there wasn't much for him to do except verify that G1 is still a student.
Papa did notice something exciting to us...
We are going to be spending less for the same exact benefits next year!  Yes, it's only $20 per month less but still that has NEVER happened to us in the past!  At Papa's old job, all we saw were huge increases with less coverage!  I'm so thankful for this change!
How did we manage this miracle?
Papa did it by completing a completely voluntary screening!  Since he works at the hospital around 50% of the time, it was an easy enough task to accomplish.
$20 per month isn't that much less but I'll take it!  =)

Yesterday I also found out that there will only be six of us at my house for Thanksgiving!  My mom is fairly sure my brother and his wife will be traveling to spend the holiday with her family up north.  This is such a weight off my shoulders! 
While it's only two less people, my sister in law has a gluten allergy (which means I make double the side dishes that include bread or breading so there are gluten free options) and has extremely bad OCD when it comes to house cleaning (and I'm sure my house NEVER passes muster).
As  I mentioned last year, we also go to Papa's family in the early afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner too.  (Added stress to making sure our dinner at home gets done for the evening)  The Guppies have been rallying hard to convince Papa in letting them just stay at our house all day - especially since they don't eat at Papa's family's dinner anyway, but so far he isn't swaying.  His mom is doing okay but not great and who knows if it will be her "last" Thanksgiving.  So, going will give Papa peace of mind and I won't be so keyed up this year since our dinner at home will be easier.

Happy for some good news this week!

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't stress over it too much. I remember the days of having to go to both parents for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always ate a huge Thanksgiving lunch with my in-laws and their families. After that we had to drive back to my folk's and have another meal there. Christmas was the exact opposite with brunch here with my family then late lunch with TheHub's parents. Usually the holidays left us overwhelmed and overfed. Now that my mother is only parent still living our Thanksgiving and Christmas are much less complicated, but I would give anything for just one more season of chaos.

    1. Thanks Anne! I hope your holiday season is wonderful as well!
      I wonder how I am going to feel when things become less complicated. I'm just not sure.
      It's hard because both of the girls absolutely HATE visiting Papa's family...They would much prefer staying home and just seeing my parents and try to get my MIL and Papa's Aunt to come to us too. But, that hasn't happened in the past and probably won't be happening this year so the chaos will continue....unless the girls stage a mutiny! =)

  2. We try squeezing in too much as well which makes less cheer. Now that kids are gone but one, things are easier.

    1. Sam, squeezing too much in definitely takes away some (okay a LOT) of the cheer! It's hard to find the perfect balance and it still eludes us after 18 years of this! =)

  3. We try squeezing in too much as well which makes less cheer. Now that kids are gone but one, things are easier.