Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Surprises & Today's Plans

I'm happy to say that Thanksgiving was (mostly) pleasant this year!  I'm in shock myself and have already told Guppy 1 that her boyfriend is our family's good luck charm!  He must have been the reason they stayed relatively behaved!  It was a  very weird experience to say the least!  But, definitely a very nice and welcomed surprise!

And, speaking of G1's boyfriend....

I absolutely love this kid! (Then again, she set the bar very low with her last choice.) Yesterday was the first chance we were able to get to know him and so far so good!  He's simply adorable - he did some modeling in NYC in the past, sweet, polite, and seems to truly care about G1.  I'm sure he's not perfect but the qualities I have seen makes him completely "Mom Approved". 

At our home's dinner, we ended up with a total of eight people because we added Guppy 2's BFF.  Her oldest sister was sick (Norovirus going around the high school unfortunately) and their usual big family celebration was canceled.  So, after she had a small Thanksgiving dinner with her family, she came over to our us for dinner and to sleep over.

Strangely enough, we hardly have any leftovers!  Almost all the 15 pound turkey is gone - besides what I will be culling off the carcass after it comes out of the crockpot!  The side dishes are almost completely gone too!  Part of me is very pleased with this - since I guess everything was good then?  But, sadly, that also means that I don't get as much "time off" from meal prep and cooking!  LOL

We don't go out for Black Friday...we never have.  I cannot stand dealing with the crowds to save a few dollars.  Plus, being on my feet in lines for too long wears me out - thank you MS.  Anyway, I would much rather prefer to look for "deals" in the comfort of my own home on the internet.  And, I'm sure there will be many to be had over the course of the next few weeks so I'm not worried.  And, it's SO much easier now that the Guppies are older and not requesting whatever the hot new hard to get toy of the season is this year!

Papa decided to go to work for a few hours this morning since most office employees won't be in.  He's hoping to get a jump start on some stuff for next week and only plans to be in for a few hours.  The consultant he  is working with on a big project needs to use up her vacation days before year's end so (hopefully) Papa's long work days will be cut to a more reasonable eight to ten hours each day while she is out.  The more he is able to accomplish today the better!

I'm okay with that since I have kiddos here....

Like I said, G2's BFF slept over.  They are getting picked up by the BFF's aunt around 3 to go to a hockey game tonight. 
And, while I will probably be booed by some of you, G1's boyfriend  - from now on referred to as "T" - did spend the night our family room while G1 slept in her bed - and YES I made sure she was in there and stayed there!  I'm not stupid....I remember being a teenager and know things are going to happen but that doesn't mean I'm not going to encourage it either!  Honestly I didn't want Papa driving the 40 minutes each way to drive him home either.   Today, G1 and T want to go urban exploring...They are going to the abandoned mansion where G1 had her photo shoot and then they will be heading to an abandoned nursing home here in our town.

As for me....

Once everyone is out of the house, I will probably be doing some more cleaning (luckily), writing, and chilling out.  And, hopefully, Papa will be home before the kiddos and we can chill out together and maybe watch some Netflix.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


  1. Sounds like you had a relaxed day. I know you were worried. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I was very worried Rachel! And, yes it was WAAAY better than anticipated! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a great weekend! =)