Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trying to Get Back...

Yesterday wasn't an easy day.  Let's face it, this election was much more than a difference in policies, no matter which way you voted.  I spent a lot of yesterday trying to reassure the Guppies that the world wouldn't implode (although I gotta admit I am wondering about it) and attempting to keep life as normal here as possible for them.

I promise I am not turning this blog into anything political.  That isn't who I am.

But, today, it's also hard not to be heartbroken by all that is around me.  I don't know about any of you, but what I have seen and heard is disheartening.

A few blogs that I was following have upset me greatly.  Bloggers gloating in very unbecoming ways, telling the opposite side to "get over it".....Yet I have to wonder, how they would have felt on the losing side?  Would they just get over it and move on?  I didn't unfollow them because they have a different opinion than mine. Honestly, I think we can all learn from each long as we all come from a place of mutual love and respect.  The blogs I dropped spewed hate.  Should they be able to voice their thoughts and opinions? Absolutely! They have a right to free speech and I have the right to chose not to read - which I exercised. 

I also spent quite a bit of time on social media yesterday....Checking in on friends all across the country and making sure they are okay.  There are so many people that I know who can be potentially affected by the next four years - just because I am relatively "safe" over the course of the next presidency doesn't mean I don't care what happens to others.

Also on my mind is the damage and destruction being done during protests.  I am behind peaceful protests one hundred percent.  But, what I am seeing on the news is far from peaceful.  The entire world is watching us.  This isn't what we want them to see.  And, even more than that, physically hurting each  other and damaging property is going to create the movement we need to bring about positive change.  It certainly isn't going to unite us as a country either.

So how am I getting back on track?

Starting today, I'm being very selective on what I am reading on social media and what I am watching on tv.  I am focusing on my family and friends.  I am spending a LOT of time working on my book (silver lining to all this madness).  And, I'm giving some hard thought as to how I can be part of a positive I can spread some extra kindness I can help make a difference even if it's in a small way.

I promise I will get back to my normal posts and rants very soon.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. This comment is in no way a reflection on anyone. I am concerned about the amount of people saying how upset their children are. We need to reassure all of our children that the world as they know it today will be here tomorrow (speaking in terms of immediate future) I think whichever administration was elected had plusses and minuses. We need to respect our leader and chief and hope that the people around him will guide him into good choices. I too am disheartened by the negativity on social media and all of the protests.

    1. Sandie, I honestly cannot even imagine you being disrespectful! That's not who you are by a long shot! =)
      We are definitely trying to reassure the girls that we are okay. Guppy 1 has taken an interest in this election and has watched the debates with us which is why she is worried and upset.
      As you probably read on Facebook, there was an issue at school with an aide in one of her classes. I was horrified when I heard the full story when she got home. The actual teacher of the class was (thankfully) present and witnessed the whole exchange this aide had with the students before class started. Hopefully the aide will be spoken with regarding this - especially since students were shaken by the conversation and the teacher had to take time out of teaching to calm them down. (I have to add that I am extremely proud of G1 for not mouthing off at the aide and instead she and other students brought it to the attention of administration.)
      I'm just so very disheartened by all the hate that is in our country. We plan on continuing to try to seek out the good and kindness of people and teaching our children the way we believe is proper in conducting themselves in general.
      Hope all is well! Let's get together soon! =)

  2. I was proud of her too, that she went to the administration this aides behavior. . We dealt with a similar situation years ago and B was in fourth grade. She was going through a rubber ducky phase and also like nurses scrubs. We spent what I thought was a disgusting amount on a combination of the two likes. She came home from school crying and not wearing what I had sent her to school in. She was actually wearing pants that were too big for her and she had to hold them up. All sorts of scenarios one for my brain and none of them good, turns out that an aid felt that he was wearing pajamas. She was not. She missed lunch that day because she was sent to the nurses office to change. I was not called nor was my husband. When I called the school to discuss it with the principal she deferred to the aides decision. I wanted to speak with them and show them that the pants that my child was putin would've fit me. when I went in to meet with the principal, they still deferred to the aides decision, even though I produced a receipt to show that these were nurses scrubs and not pajamas, also to show that the pants were too big for B. My husband was on speakerphone with us as he could not attend. When he said that our attorney was going to be handle the situation, they then brought the Aide in to apologize to us. I the. Made it clear that they were NEVER to make my child change her clothes without my permission. I still boil when I think about it.

  3. TrayceeBee, What you have to realize is the same people who are happy this election are most likely the same ones who felt like you feel right now 8 years ago. My only hope is that Trump will be a better leader than I think he will. I have been wrong before and I hope I am this time.

    1. A lot of people were unhappy eight years ago because we had elected a black president and that saddens me too. I doubt Trump has the capacity to unite this country or be a good leader but I agree with you and hope I am wrong.

  4. I have hopes that he will surround himself with the right people to make him a good leader.

  5. It's been a super, super rough week on all sides. My kids have struggled greatly with the election outcome. I don't want them to ever live in a bubble, but i need to find a way to do a better job of sharing all sides & perspective for current events with them. That was made clear last week.

    Also, I saw some blogging that really, really upset me. I'm trying to ignore it & move on, which is easier this week, with some perspective. But, it shed some light on people that I've followed for years, for sure.