Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas & Project Me 365

Last night was our "official" end to Christmas with the annual "Christmosh" concert in Long Island.  Papa & I took G2 and her BFF.  It was fun - a little less crowded than we first started to go to these shows four or five years back but I'm NOT complaining about that!  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was feeling better....I have a decent cold going which may or may not be the trigger from some of the MS symptoms I have been feeling over the last few days.  Nothing too debilitating or anything - I'm just moving slower than normal and can't feel my back very well due to numbness.

Guppy 1 didn't come to the show with us because she is off on her own little adventure with Ramsey!  They took the train out of Hartford to visit his oldest brother and his wife in Vermont!  They will be taking the train back on Thursday so G1 will still have some "down time" before school starts up again on January 3rd.  Not everyone has agreed with our decision to let her go but it was ultimately OUR decision.  Here's what helped sway us...
Papa knows his grandfather! (Ramsey has lived with his grandparents since his own parents died in an accident when he was just 2 years old).  Ramsey's grandfather loves G1 and is extremely protective over her - it's actually quite cute!  G1 is planning her Gap/Travel year beginning this summer so this is good experience - especially since the part of Vermont they are travelling to she knows extremely well!  The brother lives one town over from Stowe and it's a town we have spent some time in over the years.  And, finally worst case scenario, she is somewhere that is only four hours away should an emergency happen.
But, I will admit, I am slightly nervous that Ramsey is going to try to teach her to snowboard.  G1 is fairly athletic when she wants to be but, snowboarding/skiing always makes me nervous!  Haha!


Christmas was....good.  It had its ups and downs of course.  But, all in all I'm happy with how it went.  The Guppies loved all their gifts which is something I was really nervous about!  My baking got accomplished and I had 99% success with it!  And...

Our own little Christmas miracle....

Papa decided that it was okay for the Guppies to NOT go to my in-laws on Christmas day! (I have mentioned MANY times before how much they dislike having to go down to visit and how hectic the day becomes for them.)  They got to stay in their PJ's all day and do whatever they wanted!  Guppy 1 played with her phone and her new Pokémon 3DS games while Guppy 2 played with her new phone and read an entire book we got her in one sitting!  
Papa and I did go visit however.  And, without the Guppies there, it was easier to try to spend a little quality time with his mom (and not be interrupted with looks and text  from the Guppies as to when we were getting the heck outta there lol).  For some strange reason, it was slightly easier to leave too.  We were home in plenty of time to get dinner ready for my parents, brother, and sister in law - which is another story for another day....maybe.

So, with 2016's Christmas "done", my thoughts turn to the blank slate of 2017.  There is so freaking much I want to do and I really am going to need to sort it out in order of importance.  My brain is on overdrive as I try to figure out the BEST path to achieving what I would like to accomplish.  I tend to get way too excited and make way too many "resolutions" and "goals" and lack solid planning to back it all up.  I always have the best of intentions but all I usually make is a recipe for disaster!

For the next few days, I'm going to let my brain "mull" everything over.  I'm writing down ideas and plotting potential paths to goals.  I'm sketching out designs for my journal.  The only thing I have completely decided on is that I am going to call the whole thing:

Project Me 365

Once I finalize exactly what I am doing, I'll be sure to update it here on my blog!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Glad Christmas was fantastic! While you are mulling I am pondering. Good luck with your year planning!

  2. I like the title of your plan. I had one of those last year. I didn't follow through on some of my goals and I'm disappointed because if I had, I would be 10 pounds lighter and one or two sizes smaller today. :-(

  3. So glad that you had a good Christmas! I am intrigued by your "Project Me 365" and can't wait to read more about it. Over here I am thinking and pondering and coming up with a plan for changes in 2017. I also decided last night to come up with a word for 2017 to help define my goals and resolutions. Hoping to have a post up either on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day with my plan of action.

  4. Thanks everyone! And, Rachel, I was playing with the idea of a 2017 word too....Not sure yet though. =)