Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day Book for Thursday December 29th....

Isn't Rummy just a cutie pie?

Outside my window....
It's a very gray and rainy day - God knows we need the rain but between that and all the leftover Christmas cookies I have bee noshing on, I'm sleeeeepy!  A few cars have been passing by but not much action outside.

I'm hearing....
Rain hitting the windows in the dining room, the dog snoring on the couch, the dishwasher running in the kitchen, and Papa playing with one of his new video games.

I'm thinking....
2016 cannot end fast enough!  Besides Papa finding an awesome job, this year has just plain sucked!  I'm so ready to move on to the clean slate of 2017!  Although, I'm not going to lie, I worry about what's going to happen come January 20th and beyond....Let's hope the whole world doesn't implode and we can all survive the next four years without moving progress backwards 40 plus years!

I'm wearing....
Jeans and an oversized cowl neck sweatshirt....I am debating putting back on my PJ bottoms but I'm waiting to hear from G2 to see if she needs a ride from her boyfriend's house to a friend's house where people are meeting up tonight.

I'm creating.....
My "Project Me 365" book!  As with most things with me, what started as one thing as completely morphed into something else!  I'm really excited about it though and can't wait to share my ideas in a post in a few days!

From the kitchen....
Nothing at the moment.  However, since I have some ground beef thawed, I will make and simmer some meatballs later in a bottle of Spicy Moroccan Sauce (part of that freebie stash my mom gave me last week).  I'll serve it over some jasmine rice and cross my fingers that Papa & I like it!  LOL

I'm reading....
The new Wally Lamb book, I'll Take You There which I got for Christmas.  I saw him speak earlier this year at a local private school and have to say, he's as awesome a person as he is an author!  Well worth investing in his books, in my opinion.

I'm thankful for....
First, I'm happy that Guppy 1 is having such a great time in Vermont!  And she survived going snowboarding for the first time without any serious injury!  She was worried about being away from home since she never really has been (she had to skip the 8th grade Washington DC trip because she was in the worst part of her anorexia).  But, it seems she isn't having any issues - sigh of relief here!  I'm sure being an area of Vermont with which she is so familiar is helping too!  It's going so well that they added one extra day on and will be coming home tomorrow instead of today - partially due to the storm that is bringing us rain and Vermont snow!

Second, that Guppy 2 is doing so incredibly well, all things considered.  We have had some extra time to bond this week- just the two of us during the day, and it's been wonderful.  She's got a great head on her shoulders and I'm very hopeful that the therapy she is in will give her the tools she needs to succeed moving forward.  I'm so proud of the kind and considerate young lady she is becoming.

Last but not least, Papa.  I have been "off" since right before Christmas.  First, the cold that I had for like three weeks finally blew up on Christmas Eve.  And then I have been super tired and experiencing some old MS symptoms/possible flare up.  Papa has jumped in without skipping a beat!  He has been trying to pick up the slack where needed and been very patient with my lack of energy/extreme fatigue.  Truly I found a guy to love me no matter what and meant the whole "sickness and health" thing!

I'm excited for....
G1's birthday next week!  I am so excited about her present and can't wait to give it to her!  Plus, did I mention she wants hibachi for dinner?  Yuuuuummmmm....can't wait for hibachi!

My New Year's Eve plans....
As always, Papa & I will be staying home!  Guppy 2 will be at her BFF's house for their annual NYE party.  G1 may be here with Ramsey or may be at Ramsey's house...that's still to be determined.  No matter what, Papa & I will be cooking a nice dinner and just chilling for the night - which suits me just fine!  I have never been a big "Let's Go Out on NYE" kind of girl!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I love the way Wally Lamb writes too!
    Have a wonderful NYE at home. We will be spending it at the lake place watching football games and eating something easy to cook, since I don't really cook at the lake.

    1. The new book is pretty good so far! And it sounds like you had a very nice NYE too!!!

  2. I am so glad you got to see Wally Lamb when he was here! Sorry you have been so under the weather. I am looking forward to hearing about your 365 project. Happy New

    1. Happy New Year too! And, I HAD to go see him considering he was literally right up the street from my house! LOL Breakfast/Lunch soon? We need to catch up! =)