Monday, December 19, 2016

Finally Something Under Budget!

It has been a very very VERY expensive month so far!  So, it's really nice to be able to report a "win"!

Last night was a LOT of fun!  I  can't say it was the best story this year, but our group and guide were great which can definitely make up for a less than stellar plot.  (And having Ramsey decide to change into his impulse buy of  Santa suit PJ's when we stopped at the Crystal Mall kept things interesting too but that is another story!  LOL)

Anyway, just as a reminder, there were a total of six of us going to Mystic.  We always head up much earlier than our tour time to look around the shops at Olde Mystic Village, have dinner, walk around the Crystal Mall, and usually hit a coffee shop.  So, I took all of this into account when deciding on a $200 budget for the day.

And, I'm thrilled to say we actually stayed UNDER budget!
(Cue the chorus of angels singing!)

Where was the money spent?

Here's the short breakdown:

Margarita's Mexican Restaurant:  $125 including tip
(Again, remember that was for six of us and included three shared desserts too!)

Franklin's General Store:  $48.96
(Because you know, FUDGE!  I actually do buy fudge from here every year.  They have yummy yummy flavors.  And, we had to buy the obligatory salt water taffy.)

And that's it!  We skipped our coffee shop stop because we didn't have time for a change - which is good because I probably would have been over if we had stopped!  =)

So, the grand total for yesterday (besides the initial outlay for tickets) was:  $173.96

So I was under budget by a little more than $26!  May not be a huge amount but I'll take it as a win!

And, on that high note, I'm off to track packages online and straighten up!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!


  1. Coming in under budget is always a victory!! Nice work. :-)

  2. Love that you came in under budget! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't go over budget for December! It's gonna be close!