Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First Insurance Hiccup

I haven't had a single bad word to say about our new insurance through Papa's employer.  Most of what we have encountered over the past five months has been what we anticipated or was even less!

Well, we had our first little bump in the road....

Guppy 1 went to the doctor last Friday evening and was diagnosed with her first ever yeast infection.  The doctor prescribed an oral medication and an anti-itch topical cream.  Sounds easy peasy right?

Not so fast....

I went to pick them up over the weekend and was NOT happy....

The oral (more important) medication rang up at $1.18.
The generic topical cream rang up at over $81!!!


The pharmacy tech was at  a complete loss.  He said that this particular medication has been generic for over twenty five years and he couldn't understand why insurance wouldn't pay for it.

Yeah, me neither.

Needless to say, I walked out with only the oral. If Guppy 1 becomes uncomfortable, I will (with the guidance of my nurse mom) pick up an appropriate OTC topical for far less.

Should I have questioned our insurance company about this?  Absolutely! But, I will be the first to admit that I just didn't have the energy to argue with them about it.  Especially since Guppy 1's symptoms were mild, she caught it in the earliest stage, and her symptoms were already abating by Monday morning (which would have been my first chance to call the insurance company anyway to dispute the cost).


  1. That is crazy to cost that for a generic! Ok, so when I was about her age I remember I got a yeast infection and my doctor (mind you this was YEARS ago) said don't go pay for a prescription. Seriously, just go buy antifungal foot cream OTC medicine and use that. He said it was the exact same stuff. It cleared it right up LOL and I've always remembered that tip, though never had another yeast infection.

    1. Totally crazy I know! And, yes, that was the route we were going to go down should the need have arisen! Way cheaper than $81!!!

  2. Try the Walmart $4 list. Nystatin in on there. Hope this helps! :)