Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I didn't blog yesterday because I was pretty sick!  I'm feeling fairly better today...Enough to start doing some running around at least! 

Anyway, I scored some pretty awesome freebies I wanted to share!

First off, FF (Freebie Fairy) dropped off four beautiful hot toddy/tea glass mugs with metal handles.  They are beautiful, from Finland, and passed on to me because they were from her ex.  I have no real place to keep them nor use for them so I did a quick check on Ebay...These suckers go for $50 (for two!) and up!  Apparently, the pattern she gave me was discontinued and fairly sought after!  Score!  I will put them up on Ebay in January.

Second off, the real deal!
I had to run to my parents' house today to pick up some items I had shipped to their house - safer from curious eyes!  My parents had a whole load of stuff to give me!
1 5lb bag of flour  (seriously this is the third or fourth bag she has given me since Thanksgiving!)
1 lb of butter
1 8 pack of smaller sized Diet Coke
And these....
(ignore the messy table)

Apparently my parents bought these for my sister in law who is gluten intolerant.  They are all labeled "gluten free" but processed in a facility that also processes gluten products.  So, my SIL  will NOT touch them.  And, my mom isn't a return kind of person so she asked if I wanted them.  I have had a few of these (they are so yummy!) and I know most of them retail for at least $8.95 and up around here.  So, yeah, nice pantry score!

And, I'm off to try to finish a little wrapping/present organizing and to clean up the house a bit!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

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  1. Nice that your mom passed on to you, and you appreciate and enjoy the items. Win for both of you.