Monday, December 12, 2016

Frugal Things.....

I really wanted to put a picture up of one of our trees but everything kept coming out blurry with my phone's camera.....

Today I am feeling a bit "blah".  Since everyone else seems to be feeling healthy, I am guessing it's a side effect of the medications.  It's not incapacitating, but just enough to be annoying....if that makes any sense!

So, anyway, let's see if I have anything frugal to report!

1.  Lunch today (and probably at least the first few days this week!) is free!  "Ramsey" (G1's boyfriend) made homemade French Onion soup yesterday and sent her home with two large containers of extra!  I LOVE French Onion and it will especially hit the spot today!

2.  We are enjoying the free artificial tree my parents gave us (since they were going to dump it) without any major hiccups.  The middle section of lights will go out if left on for more than eight hours (Papa thinks it's a fuse and easily fixable) but we don't usually leave it on for that long a stretch so it's all good.  Papa can take a look at it after the season is over because I would definitely like to use it for as many years forward as possible.

3.  I used $60 worth of free Amazon gift cards (courtesy of MCR, Fidelity rewards points, & my mom cashing in some rewards points on her CC) to buy a gift for each guppy.  I would write down what I bought but I can't guarantee they won't read my blog.  So, it stays a secret for now!  I will say that G2's gift was half price on Amazon compared to Target so big time score there!

4.  I'm staying out of the grocery stores (partially thanks to the Costco trip provided by my parents) and "shopping" my kitchen to make dinners.

5.  We have been trying to enjoy the "free" entertainment of the season....Staying home watching Christmas movies, enjoying our tree lights, going to Hubbard Park to drive through their free (and beautiful) lighting display, etc.  Also we will be building (with or without the guppies is still to be determined) the free gingerbread house kit my parents gifted us.

6.  I recharged my Kindle to see what I have on there to read - there is a LOT to choose from!  It keeps me out of the bookstore and away from the library since I tend to accrue overdue fees because I "forget" due dates during the Christmas season.

7.  Made three Christmas cards for a Bloggy Christmas Card Exchange using only the materials I had at home!  Scrapbook stuff getting put to good use!

8.  Listening to the radio and/or Pandora Christmas stations instead of buying a bunch of new CDs...We did make two planned purchases on Ebay for replacement Christmas CDs but that's all we budgeted.

9.  I have been wearing my glasses more often when  just staying around the house.  I wear disposable daily contact lenses so any day I can "save" a pair by wearing my glasses extends my year supply!

10.  While working on goals/plans for 2017, I am using notebooks/materials I have at home already rather than doing an expensive Staples run.  Bookstores and office supply stores have always been my downfall.

And, I think that is it right now!

How about you? 


  1. I made a lot of gifts this year. I always make a theme ornament, but this year I made lots of different things that I planned out and I am quite pleased!