Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting Wrapped Up in Christmas Stuff!

Hi!  Still alive here!

I've just been busy with the beginnings of the season.

Saturday morning we went to our my favorite tree farm to harvest our own Christmas tree.  (Papa thinks they are overpriced at the "$69 cut your own any size" price but I love this place and have been going there for almost three decades!)  It wasn't as cold at the farm as we expected and we were able to find a tree in less than an hour!  We are very particular about our trees...Let's just say we like them extremely wide!  After the tree was all secure on the roof we made our way over to a favorite pizza place in the area which was a super treat since we only go there maybe twice a year - tree day being one!

Saturday night, Papa & I ended up with some unexpected time on our hands since both Guppies were out and about.  We had about two and a half hours to kill - so we could be back to pick up G2 and her boyfriend from the movies - so we ended up at Toys R Us and the Westfarms Mall.  Why Toys R Us when our daughters are 14 and almost 18?  Papa's very large department at work decided to not do the usual "coworker gift giving' thing and adopted a family for the holidays instead!  We absolutely love this idea!  The two women in charge of it all not only found a family in the city where Papa works but went as far as to make a very organized list of gifts for the family.  Originally we were slated to buy clothing too but, there have been so many monetary donations, we were told to focus on the toys and "fun stuff" and the organizers would just buy all the clothing needs with the cash.
I had wanted to stay within a $50 to $60 dollar budget and, all in all, I think we did pretty well.
Our little six year old boy loves all things Spider-Man and Marvel comics so, at Toys R Us, we bought:
Some Spider-Man action tower thingy - can you tell I don't have boys?  lol
Marvel 5 Minute Bedtime Stories book
I almost fell over when the cashier rang me out at a little under $44!  The tower thing was priced at $49.99 alone!  But, somehow, it was 30% off so go us!
We still had a good chunk of time and I could tell that Papa wasn't completely satisfied with our purchase so I suggested we run across the street to the mall and see if we could find anything else.  Papa found a Hulk action figure that he really wanted to get for the little boy as well but it was priced at $18. Well, I grabbed it from Papa and bought it.  I went over my budget by a little over $2 but it was well worth it.  Very very rarely will Papa ever ask to do anything like this and we are really fortunate to have what we do. 
We don't know the whole story but six years old is way too young not to have joy and happiness on Christmas!
After the mall, since we still had a little time to kill, we went to the Dunkin Donuts next to the movie theatre for some hot chocolate and to hang out and talk.  It was a nice way to end the day!

Yesterday started off with us heading to my parents' house to pick up their old artificial tree.  We have really wanted a tree for our family room but didn't want to spend the $$$.  My parents had gotten a new artificial last year because my mom said the old tree wasn't lighting correctly anymore. They hadn't thrown it out yet and asked if we wanted it.  I figured, worst case scenario, I would have to take the time to unwind the existing lights and buy new ones....Way less expensive than buying a new artificial tree.  Plus this one was already still put together!  I'm not going to lie, we did get quite a few stares as we drove home in Papa's convertible with the top down and the six foot tree sticking up in the back seat!  Haha!  Bonus for us....We found the loose wire, fixed it, and the tree is good as new and lights perfectly!
Again, the Guppies were out doing their own thing, so we tackled a few things here....
Papa started putting up the outside lights and our antique (50 years old!) sleigh and reindeer in the yard.
I brought up boxes of Christmas stuff from the basement and worked on a TON of laundry!

Tonight after dinner, we will be decorating both Christmas trees.  It's slightly bittersweet because I have no idea where Guppy 1's "gap year" will take her so I don't know if she will be here to help with the tree decorating next year.  I plan on enjoying every moment with my family tonight.  I can't believe how quickly time passes!  It's a clich√© thing to say but so very true!

Hope everyone is well!

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