Friday, December 23, 2016

Interesting Conversation & Shopping Trip with Guppy 2

Good morning!

My Christmas baking is continuing this morning but I wanted to write a quick post about an interesting conversation/shopping excursion I had with Guppy 2 yesterday.

First...tiny backstory....

G2 has established a very nice group of friends.  Through seventh and eighth grade, there were four girls and one boy in the "core group".  Papa and I wondered what would happen when freshman year started this past August.  Would the group stay together?  Would they all find other friends? 
Well, the core group did stay together...which makes everyone involved extremely happy!  However, they added more people to the group!  G2's and her best friend's boyfriends were added (and yep, G2 is dating with that boy again - another story for another day).  Also added was very lovely girl and another great boy.  Are you keeping count?  We are up to NINE in the group now!

Okay...back to yesterday....

One of the girls is having a Christmas party at her house today after school for the whole group.  And the whole group is exchanging gifts!  Talk about a budget buster!  I didn't realize they were all going and all exchanging!
I told G2 I didn't have much money to spend (I had originally budgeted $100 for the core group and the boyfriend).  Did she throw a fit?  Nope!  She gave it some thought and asked me to drive her to the mall that had the "Lush" store.  (If you haven't heard of Lush, it is a very nice -and potentially expensive!- store that has organic beauty products)
Not gonna lie, I was worried when she said Lush but off we went.
I'm so proud to say that G2 did a great job!  All four girls we had to buy for are into "bath bombs" - especially the ones from Lush which tend to be very large and decorative.  She took her time and chose one for each girl which she thought suited each girl's personality.  Total cost for these presents? $43.13!  It would have only been $31.48 but G2 wanted to get her BFF something "extra".
The boys were much harder to figure out!  We didn't have to worry about her boyfriend for today's party because she will bee seeing him on Christmas Eve - which yes, will mean another trip to the mall ON Christmas Eve morning.  Anyway, that left us with three boys.  Finally she just said "You know what Mom?  Let's just get them some candy from the Dollar Store.  They all love candy and I have no clue what to get them!"  Total spent at the Dollar Store was $15 plus tax.
So around $60 for all the gifts (minus boyfriend)!  I think she did a great job!

On the way home, she turned to me and said "There are too many of us now.  I think next year we should have the party and that's it.  Or do a Secret Santa.  Or grab bag or something.  This way is too expensive!  And it's not really about the presents."
I kid you not!
Very proud Mama Moment!

Maybe as I struggle to change my ways to being more frugal (but stay thoughtful and generous), my Guppies are really watching and taking cues. 

As for that extra $40 in my budget for G2's friends?  I am saving it to buy her boyfriend "D"'s gift....She just needs to decide what she wants to get him!  And, maybe she will save me a little money with his gift too, who knows?

Have a great Friday!  I'm off to my kitchen to try to make some rugalach for the first time!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Isn't it nice when they mirror our good efforts?