Saturday, December 31, 2016

Project Me 365

What I *thought* was going to be an additional "bullet style" journal has now morphed into something else!

2016 was a rough year for me.  I certainly don't feel like I made any traction whatsoever with anything pertaining to only me.  I will always be a wife and mom first and foremost.  However, I have been feeling a little bit down lately because my "mom" role, while not becoming totally obsolete, is diminishing as the Guppies grow older.  I think G1's impending 18th birthday and the fact that she plans on travelling after she graduates in June helped thrust this in the forefront of my mind.  So, instead of wallowing - which is my usual inclination - I am trying to turn this into a positive and sort of reinvent myself....or at the very least find a path to becoming the best "me" I can be!

Why "Project Me 365"?  This is going to be a journal/tracker to help with the goals I find important over the next 365 days.  It's where I will measure and stay accountable to progress and setbacks.  And, it's all going to be tucked away in one notebook!  I'm still in the process of creating it -and wish so badly I was more artistic!  Essentially, I am looking for easy ways to keep up with tracking my progress to goals since that will help my motivation stay up!  There is going to be a lot more work at the beginning as I create graphs, charts, etc. but I am hoping it's time well invested.

So, what exactly am I putting in the journal?  What am I keeping track of?  Here's the plan so far...

365 Random Acts of Kindness because we need to be the ones who keep the world a safe and happy place for all

365 Acts of Kindness towards myself because I am, quite frankly, awful to myself!  I need to negate my extremely loud inner critic!

52 dates with Papa - I'm taking a page from Mavis Butterfield's blog here and trying this one out.  Papa and I should have more time to connect now that the girls are getting older.  Every date doesn't have to be "out" of the house either.  I plan on assigning a "budget goal" to be under (still tbd) and will try to have fun/be creative with this!

52 new recipes - another page from Mavis's blog  I want to become a better cook and get out of the cooking rut I'm in.

Daily Word Count for my writing - I love the graph that NaNoWriMo uses so I want to expand on that.  Writing is a passion that needs to be a 2017 priority!  I may come up with an overall written word goal for the entire year....still toying with it though.

Weight Loss tracker.  I have seen some really cute ideas on Pinterest for graphs and/or illustrations for this!

Exercise Tracker with a mileage page - I am in the process of finding a goal "place" that I would like to virtually "walk" to.

2017 Books - I saw an adorable bookshelf style layout on Pinterest that I am totally stealing!

Daily Thoughts - I want to design something so I can write a little blurb about each day - good, meh, or bad

And, because financial stuff still matters....

Money Saved/Money I Earn Tracker - again working on goal number and brainstorming ways to possibly get back into the work force somehow (or at least home hustle better!)

Debt Reduction Tracker - goal number to be determined

Big Ticket Items Tracker - there are a few things we are going to need to replace in the upcoming year or two

Grocery Money Tracker

Sounds like a lot right? And, I'm not sure I am even done with what I want to track!  LOL

That's why I am digging deep and trying to be creative about the tracker aspect of each.  Ideally, most of the above will be a quick, fill in kind of thing - besides the journal part.  I am hoping to make this a thirty minute exercise each day so as not to get overwhelmed or discouraged. 

Most importantly, I need to remember I am striving for progression not perfection!

Over the course of January, I will be sharing some of my (very rudimentary) pages here on this blog.  Maybe I  can pass on some ideas to you....
Or more likely, maybe you can give me some ideas on how to streamline even better!  Haha!

Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Don't worry - my daughter still lives at home and she's 26! So your mothering role will be alive and well for years to come. I used the sidebar of my blog to track quite a few things over the years (kms walked/cycled etc) and it was quick and easy. Also, seeing it there everyday helped keep me on track.

  2. I echo Jane. Just had 28 year old son home, and while he lives far away in the big city of L. A., no doubt I'm still his mom. I like your lists-especially the acts of kindness to yourself. Why do women treat ourselves in ways we would never treat a sister, friend, daughter, or coworker. Cheers for your 2017.

  3. Love the list - particularly treating yourself well & making time for yourself. Those are great priorities!