Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trying to Beat the Artic Chill!

Yesterday's rest seemed to help tremendously!  Although not 100%, there is a bit more "pep in my step" this morning!

Which is a great thing considering I am going to try to get some errands done this morning before the artic chill heads into Connecticut later this afternoon!

I'm happy that I dragged a whole bunch of wood into the house yesterday - the only difficult thing I did!  The weathermen are predicting windchill numbers in the negative twenty five degree mark with gusts of wind up to 60 mph!  If our power goes out, I want to be able to get that fire going right away and not have to worry about hauling wood from the yard.

Anyway, back to the errands....

My car needs an oil change before we got to Mystic on Sunday so I will be heading a town over to get it done.  Since I will be in the area, I plan on hitting some nearby stores for Christmas presents...

Game XChange:  new video game for Papa
Kohls:  new slippers for Papa
Famous Footwear:  boots for G2
All Pets Club:  little treats for Miley (the rabbit), Rum (the ferret) and stuff for Daphne's stocking because yes! Our dog has a stocking!  LOL

Also, I want to do a quick run to Aldi's for some pantry items and possible stocking stuffers.  I think I am going to stick to shelf stable supplies though because I am worried that we could lose power with the high winds on the way.

And I have to be back home by twelve-ish because Ramsey is getting dropped off  at some point between 12:15 and  1pm and we need to pick G1 up at school for one.

So yeah, busy busy!

But happy that I am feeling well enough to get stuff accomplished!

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