Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day Book for Tuesday January 17th

I am feeling so grouchy this morning!!!

Out my window....
It's very gloomy here at 7:45am!  There are cars driving by and a few kids scurrying off to the bus stop at the corner.  Other than that, no one is really out and about.

What I'm wearing...
Giraffe print flannel PJ bottoms, one of Papa's old sweatshirts that I use for sleepwear because it's comfy.

What I'm hearing...
Cars driving by, the dishwasher cycling through, and the dog snoring.

What I'm feeling...
I'm unbelievably tired and cranky today!  I hope I get snap out of at least the crankiness soon!

What I'm creating...
Nothing at the moment....unless you count my weekly spread in my Me and My Big Ideas planner.

From the kitchen...
I have been doing really well with my 52 new recipes for the year challenge!  I am thinking about trying out another new one today....Homemade tortillas!  We will see what the day brings and if my mood lightens.  I HATE trying new recipes while in a bad mood because they never seem to come out right! 

I'm reading...
the same book as last time I posted....No Safety In Numbers.  I just haven't been feeling the "reading bug" lately.  I'm going to bring it with me to G2's therapy session so maybe I can get a good chunk read while I wait for her.

From the high school...
It's midterm week here through Thursday so there are half days with only two periods per day.  I am a little peeved at G2 today because she has her math midterm and let a good friend "borrow" her $110 calculator on Friday and didn't get it back yet.  G2 needs it for today's test!  She texted her friend to bring it today so hopefully they will meet up before the test begins and G2 will be good to go.

Upcoming events this week...
Tomorrow I am taking G2, her BFF, and her boyfriend to the Twenty One Pilots concert.  In all honesty, had we known that the concert would fall during midterm week (tickets were bought last May or June), we probably wouldn't be going.  But, this is G2's favorite band and my parents bought these tickets as her 8th grade graduation gift.

There is a baptism this weekend to which I am completely not looking forward to attending.  It's Papa's side and I already received a very snarky text regarding having "all" of family coming...I guess some people are still angry that we didn't push the Guppies to attend Christmas there.  We aren't planning on making the Guppies go to the baptism with us so I'm sure comments will be made again.   It's going to be a complete waste of a weekend day and sure to be full of drama because of stuff currently happening with Papa's brother.  I wonder if there is any way I can talk Papa out of having us attend. 

On my To Do list today...
Take the dog for her walk (2x)
Clean the kitchen
Unload the clean dishwasher
Straighten family room
Make tortillas
Pull something out of the freezer for dinner
Take G2 to her appointment
Run to the library to pick up a book on hold
Pick up the Guppies from school
Sweep the downstairs
I'm sure there must be stuff I am missing/can't remember right now!

So, that's where my Tuesday stands....

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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