Monday, January 9, 2017

Day Book: January 9th

Recycling this cold little penguin picture because it's downright FRIGID here!

Outside my window.....
I'm in the dining room but seated facing the backyard rather than the street so there is NOTHING to look at besides snow on the ground and trees!  Not a creature is stirring because it's so darn cold this morning!

I'm wearing....
My oversized Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt and flannel Santa print PJ bottoms

I'm hearing.....
Cars driving on the road, the furnace kicking on, and the dog snoring peacefully.

I'm wondering....
If I should try to go back to bed for a little bit!  I haven't been sleeping well and have been having a strange new episodes the past two days with feeling like my blood pressure is up/face turning bright red./tired.  It lasts about thirty minutes and then goes away but leaves me wiped out.  Menopause?  My MS meds?  If it continues, I'll be placing a call to my neuro.

I'm reading....
The first YA book of a series that G2 wanted me to read.  I got her the first book, No Safety in Numbers, from the library a few days ago.  She devoured it, asked me to read it, and place a hold at the library for the rest of the series so we can read it together.

I'm creating....
Nothing currently.  Although I will be doing some work on my book later this morning.

From the kitchen....
I want to bake some brownies later and possibly some muffins since breakfast choices are pretty limited at the moment.  Also I have a small pork roast to make for dinner and probably an apple crisp for dessert to use up some older apples in my crisper.

I'm thankful for....
Guppy 1 having a great time in NYC yesterday!  She came home very animated!  It was nice to see her so happy after having spent the day with friends - especially since she has social anxiety so outings are sometimes difficult for her.
Guppy 2 asking me to read that book series with her!  Nice to know she still wants to spend some time with ol' mom here.
Papa being such a great guy!  Seriously, he loves me IN SPITE of my numerous flaws.  LOL  Truly, I am very lucky to have him!

I guess that's it for now....

And I made the decision to be kind to myself and go back to sleep for another hour!  HAHA!

Have a great Monday all!


  1. Brownies! I vote for Brownies! Have a great, albeit cold, Monday and rest of the week!

    1. Brownies it was! Also some raspberry muffins using a great new recipe! The apple crisp is going to wait a few more days until I get to the store because you can't have an apple crisp without ice cream! ;)