Friday, January 27, 2017

DayBook: Friday January 27th

One of my favorite pictures (without G1 in it) from the photo shoot last fall.

Outside my window....
Kids walking to the corner to catch the school bus and cars going by.  There was a gorgeous pink sunrise earlier as I drove the Guppies off to school.

I'm wearing....
A blue cowl neck sweatshirt and black leggings

I'm feeling....
Physically and emotionally exhausted. Everyone in the house still has some form of a lingering cold!  It's so frustrating for all of us!  Can't wait for the gunk to get outta here!  LOL

I'm hearing....
Cars going by, the washer and dryer running, the furnace kicking on, and the dog snoring away.

I'm creating....
Nothing at the moment....although I may start writing a short story later today or over the weekend.

I'm hoping....
Aside from all of us feeling better, I want a nice, smooth, fun weekend!  Also, I hope Papa gets back and forth to Rhode Island today safely!  He has an afternoon meeting at a hospital that Yale purchased recently.

I'm reading....
The second book in the series No Safety in Numbers

From the kitchen....
I may make some chili in the crockpot today for dinner.  Easy peasy.  I have to check with G2 to see what her plans are tonight and figure out something else for her to eat if she is home since she's not a chili lover.  Other than that,  I don't think I will be doing a whole lot of work in the kitchen today.

To laugh, get angry, or cry....
Last night Papa was on the phone with his brother last night and said something that piqued my curiosity.  So, Papa's older sister doesn't believe I actually have Multiple Sclerosis. Yeah you read that right!  Ummmm....tell that to my body and the lesions on my brain and spine!  She also doesn't believe that Papa's brother needs a liver transplant either so go figure.  I have no idea what she is basing any of this on....Well besides the fact that YEARS ago Papa's brother did have the potential to heal part of his liver but, after all that has happened, that ship has sailed.  As for me?  I have no idea where she came up with that!

Weekend plans....
Like I said above, I'm hoping for a very relaxed weekend! 
There are some Netflix documentaries Papa & I would really like to watch.
G1 is spending the weekend at Ramsey's house - They have a spare bedroom where she sleeps.  I'm not stupid and know that "things" may happen but, on top of being G1 being 18, Ramsey's grandfather is also pretty vigilant since he knows Papa!  LOL
G2 hasn't told me what her plans are yet so who knows?  With the boyfriend now an "ex", she may spend  a lot of the weekend with her friends.

And, there you have it!  Hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. Rather rude of. Her. Feel better.

  2. I would have to put the SIL's comments in the "who gives a &^%$ what she thinks" mental file. Just remember her belief or non belief in anyones medical is not critical to your health, and can be dismissed like swatting a fly off your shoulder.
    Other than her callous and ill informed remarks have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Oh it definitely has been filed in the above mental file! LOL I just find it funny that she honestly thinks the way she does --- without any true medical background! Papa and I both know she is ridiculous with these beliefs of hers.
      Have a great weekend too! =)

  3. I also imagine she doesn't think she has any issues! Sheesh! She needs to learn to keep her opinions to herself!