Saturday, January 14, 2017

Farmer's Market Finds, Broken Phones, and Saturday Plans

The indoor market started this week and, man, was it ever PACKED!  We "lost" our last outdoor market right before Christmas due to bad weather and the market takes a few weeks off after that.  So, yeah, a lot of people seemed to be itching to get their farmer's market fix!  lol

We didn't stay too long because of the crowds but here's how we did....

Total Spent:  $23.30*
*dairy expenses were very low due to the five bottle returns this week!

1 bottle whole milk
1 bottle heavy cream
1 pint cherry yogurt
1 pint blueberry yogurt
three large sweet potatoes
6 medium sized (loose) beets
1 loaf of olive bread

Papa is extremely happy to have his weekly yogurt back in the mix for work breakfasts!  He has grown partial to this farm's yogurt and will do without when we cannot get it.

It was interesting to see that a certain bakery (ahem...Ms Sandie) wasn't packed with people at all while we were there!  Papa was going to look for their veggie tarts but, at like $5 for a small one, I told him I would rather buy a loaf of bread from another vendor.   The loaf of olive bread we bought was $6 but we will get more than one serving from it so it was a more frugal buy.....oh and did I mention it is absolutely delicious?  =)

Yesterday afternoon, Karma came for Papa.  He is always complaining about how he doesn't understand how much we drop our phones, he has had his for three years and nothing has happened to it, blah, blah, blah. 

Whelp, I got a text while making dinner that he shattered his in shards of the screen were falling out!  And he just doesn't understand how it could have happened that badly when it didn't drop all that far out of his pocket to begin with and had its case on....Oh really?

All joking aside, he was very upset with himself that it happened.  We did some research and will be heading one town over to an independent shop to see how much it will cost to fix.  If it's too much, we will probably upgrade his phone....He has a 5S currently.  It's not what either of s want to do, but he does use it quite a bit for work -although not enough to be issued a work phone.  We'll see what the estimate comes in at for the repair...

Papa and I are behind on my goal of 52 dates this year!

Tonight we *may* head over to the Irish pub for which I have a Groupon.  Remember that one I wrote about back in early December?  Still haven't used it yet!

I really want to go but I have to see what G2's plans are for tonight.  (G1 is at Ramsey's.) 

I guess we will just play it by ear.

Either way, I would definitely like to take Papa down to the used book store one town over to browse....I have $29 in credit there and, while I have a good deal to read thanks to the library, I would love for him to take a look around.  So, maybe we will do that this afternoon and can call that a "date" if the restaurant thing doesn't pan out tonight.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I still have a Green Mill vixt9catd and s coffee Groupon.I'm saving for special timeof saving strategy. I'd love a winter farmers market.

    1. Our winter farmer's market doesn't have nearly as much as the other seasons, obviously since I'm in CT. But, they have dairy, meat, seafood, honey, bread, root veggies, specialty soaps, etc.

  2. I wish we had a winter farmers market here. Sorry about your husbands phone.

    1. Papa's phone ended up being "saved". The most I wanted to spend on fixing the screen was $100 and we ended up under that at $85 including tax. His phone was working well before the broken screen so we decided to take the risk and try to hold out on an upgrade.

  3. I know that Whitneyville Market in Hamden carries the Smith Farm milk and butter. Give them a call and see if they carry and/or can order some yogurt?

    1. That's not a bad idea for when I can't get to the Winter Market. We had gotten milk and heavy cream from Whitneyville in the past but I didn't look to see if they carried the yogurt because I was in a hurry that day....