Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fixing Papa's Phone & A Perfect Timing Freebie

In case you didn't see it in the comments from yesterday's post, we did end up fixing Papa's phone rather than doing an upgrade.  He actually likes his 5S so we researched a place to bring it to for an estimate.  We put a spending cap at $100.  The place we went to took a look at it and told us it would take 15 minutes and would be $85.  Done deal and Papa is happy.  I'm happy as well because I really didn't want to do another upgrade on top of the phone upgrades I did for the Guppies at Christmas!

Yesterday afternoon, after her friends left, G2 decided she really wanted to go to the mall to go shopping with her Christmas gift cards!  It's not all that often she wants to go shopping so off we went!   She can make me laugh sometimes....She has a $200 GC to Victoria Secret and, unlike most teenage girls I know, she was super careful with it!  As in she bought ONE thing!  A VS Pink brand bralet for $34. I am happy that she is doing this way and only buying what she really wants each time!  Spring will be here (hopefully?) before we know it and I would love for her to have some $$$ left to spend then.

Anyway, onto the freebie....

With a purchase of $30 or more in VS Pink items, you get a free glass water bottle.  I was kind of shocked that it was actually glass and seemed like decent quality!  Another bonus is it didn't  have the funky top with a built in straw or anything that can be a pain in the butt to clean!  I have been looking for a new glass water bottle because I am not a huge fan of plastic (BPA, etc).  G2 didn't want it so SCORE for me!  I got to spend one on one time with G2 and got a needed item for free!

On the topic of freebies, I am heading over to my parents' house this afternoon.  They have been holding onto G2's 8th grade graduation to see Twenty One Pilots this coming Wednesday.  (Yup! She did have to wait a LOOOOONG time to get that present!  LOL  But she did know about it of course.)  I guess my mom also has a turtleneck sweater she bought online that's  too small and won't bother to return.  I'll take a look at it and, if it's not  something I would/could wear, I'll bring it home to consign.

With that, I'm off....


  1. Please post a pic of the freebie water bottle. We would like to see it!!

  2. I think post-Christmas shopping is way more fun:)