Thursday, January 12, 2017

Freebies and Re-evaluating My De-stressing Mechanisms....

Yesterday morning began well enough...

But, then some things came up that, added to the normal household chores, left me feeling stressed out.  You know those days where you just HAVE to get out of the house and away from all of it?  Yeah, yesterday escalated to that....FAST!

Which left me to examine how I deal (or more like how I don't deal) with stress.  And, I took a little time to think about what would make me feel better and how to achieve it at zero cost!

And, weirdly enough, productively thinking about stress reducers and actively trying them helped tremendously!

How we deal with stress (at least in my case) is a learned behavior....A lot of times it's not even something that helps in the long run but gives us the "quick fix/relief" we need at the moment.  I have always been about the quick fix...but at least now I am looking for a quick fix without the regret!

Pre-kids I would have turned to "retail therapy"...And we all know what a bad idea that can be. However, I did have $50 in Marshall's gift cards and really needed new sneakers badly.  (As in something is wrong with my right foot and I think it's my very old sneakers)   So off to my local Marshall's I went, hoping to maybe find a little bit of a boost!  I found a pair of very lightweight (albeit ugly) sneakers in one of my preferred brands (Saucony) on clearance for $32.  I tried them on and they felt pretty score!  I got that little jolt from the shopping hunt and hopefully my feet will feel better.  While at Marshall's, I did splurge and used an additional $6 on my gift card some amazing smelling Coconut Oil shower gel.  The bottle is HUGE and my skin gets very dry in the winter.  I tucked it in the back of my linen closet so I won't have to share with anyone else.  =) 
I won't be turning back to retail therapy anytime in the near future that's for sure!  But, picking up these two things did help lift my spirits and cost me exactly ZERO.

Another HUGE hurdle for me when trying to relieve my stress is the written in books and magazines.  Magazines are still my weakness and unfortunately an impulse buy too many times at the grocery store.  And, books?  Well, I can do some serious damage at a bookstore! 
But, I was thinking about it - while purchasing my sneakers - and just walking into a bookstore brings a sense of calm back to me.  There is just something about the atmosphere of a bookstore and the SMELL of books - yes, I am a weirdo thank you very much!  LOL.  
Guess what is located extremely close to Marshalls?  My town's library!  So, off I went to indulge in an hour of wandering the racks, picking up a few new magazines, and checking out a ton of reading material for ZERO thanks to my handy dandy library card.
FYI:  I went to bed early last night with some of said books and magazines to read in peace. 

Lastly, I really wanted some junky food out for lunch.  (Huge "pretend" stress reducer for me because honestly all it does is add more stress - and pounds - after the fact.)  This one I just had to talk myself out of....  After the library, I went home and heated up the last of the chili leftovers.  Maybe not exactly the healthiest but definitely better than what I would have gotten for take out AND this was the most frugal choice since I eliminated some food waste by finishing it up.  I just told myself that Papa & I still have our Groupon to the Irish pub that we can use whenever we wish.  And, should I still want to have junky yummy food, we could do it at some point this weekend.

Yes, I know none of the above is profound...

But, I am happy that I took a situation that I could have made a lot worse with what I used to deem quick stress "relievers" and made them work in a way that actually did relieve my stress to an extent without causing any long term damage.

And, speaking of damage, I am off to do some major grocery shopping since we are out of quite a bit!  It's all good though.  I have a thorough list so I am ready to give it my best attempt to save as much as I possibly can.

Happy Thursday!


  1. It is the little victories for ourselves, whether moving forward and not giving in to a fast food binge that later would be regretted, or getting the book fix(and I so get that one) from the public library. I "forced"myself to not stop for coffee on route today. I'll have instant coffee instead-not the same, but will do.

  2. I think you handled the entire day well. Using a gift card on something you needed the shoes and something that makes you feel good the shower gel are both positive ways of taking care of yourself. And it was a gift card. You didn't spend any money out of pocket. Great idea on the library and being aware that the smell of a bookstore is part of the attraction for you. And eating your own homemade chili is certainly healthy. Great job mama fish !

  3. Thank you both! It felt good to do something yet not spend any actual money. Plus, it was a LOT better than staying home and whining! LOL