Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Frgual Attempts in the Kitchen

I mentioned on Sunday, Papa had to go to work for awhile so I tackled some stuff in the kitchen to get myself ahead for this week.  I think I did an "okay" job....until my energy crashed around three.

Anyway,  here are some frugal accomplishments from the kitchen this week:

1.  When I went to make muffins, I saw we were completely out of milk.  Being too lazy to run out and grab more ultra resourceful, I grabbed a lurking bag of powdered milk from the pantry and go to work....without letting anyone know what I was using.  Final verdict:  Both Guppies found the muffins to be "a little dry" this time.  Not sure if it was because of the powdered milk or not.

2.  Feeling on a roll after baking the muffins, I looked up recipes for macaroni and cheese using powdered milk and found this recipe from Hillbilly Housewife to try out.  Again, not letting anyone know "the truth".  I made one tweek to the recipe by substituting one cup of American cheese instead of using all cheddar.  Final verdict:  Delicious!  I have a little powdered milk left and plan on using it up on this recipe!

3.  I had some veggies in my fridge that were getting a little old - I'm looking at you eggplant!  So, I roasted them up with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, brown sugar, and splash of balsamic vinegar.   Really yummy!

4.  For the veggies that were still decently fresh, I chopped them up and made a pasta salad - which is always appreciated and gobbled up in this house.

5.  I cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, rather than "waiting" until later.  While that might not seem like an immediately frugal thing to do, it actually is around here.  If my kitchen is relatively clean, I am more willing and able to move around in it and not order out!  LOL

How about you?  Any frugal victories in your kitchen lately?


  1. I use powered milk for baking a lot and like you I don't let anyone know. I haven't noticed any substantial difference, but I do add about a tablespoon more than the 1/3 cup required to reconstitute a cup of milk. (I have no reason other than I used to see my best friend's mom do it and she was a stellar cook. They had a large family and she never used "drinking milk" for any thing cooked.)

    1. Hmmmm...so maybe this pantry lurker of mine may become a pantry staple?!?! Glad to hear that you use it often with no difference. As I said in the post, the muffins being dry may have just been a fluke or even the way I measured the flour. Thanks for letting me know your experience because it gives me hope to keep on trying! =)