Wednesday, January 4, 2017

From Panic to Productivity

I refuse to think that 2017 is going to be a repeat of 2016!  And, I have decided to do everything that I can to stay positive and make this a great year!

And, in these four (five including NYE) short days, I have learned something important.....

Something I knew but never tried to change before...

I panic when things happen!

Like, you want to know the worst possible case scenario for any situation?  Well, I'm your girl!  LOL

Of course this doesn't help!  I know that but it's always my "go to" first response.

Well, not anymore!

Two things have "gone wrong" in the last five days and I have been able to resolve them when I....

wait for it......

dealt with it rationally and didn't panic!

Crazy right?  Haha

Case #1:  My phone decided to die on NYE.  I knew it was "going" but it threw me a curve ball by still working (as a glorified IPod) but wouldn't recognize my phone number/let me make phone calls/texts.  Everyone was a little jumpy about this because how would they all be able to reach Mama?  I started to freak because of this reason AND I like having a phone on me when I drive because, while our Honda is the absolute BEST car we have ever had, it still has over 250K miles!  BUT..
I stopped freaking out and asked Papa to take the SIM card out of my crapped out phone and try it in G1's "old" 5S to see if it would work. 
And it did!  So, I am back in business!  Crisis averted for now.  G1's old phone has a crack inside the glass (no idea how THAT happened) and isn't in the "best" shape.  But it works and I will ride this one out until it dies too.
Out of pocket:  ZERO!

Case #2:  Yesterday morning, I did my usual routine and started the dishwasher.  Later on, I went to unload it and found that not only were the dishes NOT clean, it appeared NO WATER had even touched them!  First I checked the basement to make sure water didn't leak down there - it hadn't - then I checked to make sure the hoses were connected under the sink (they were) and that there wasn't any water under the sink (there wasn't).  AND I was thankful because water everywhere else instead of the dishwasher would have been so much worse!  Then I ran to Dollar Tree to grab more dish liquid and a rack and proceeded to hand wash everything.  After all these are first world problems here!  Not life threatening, right?
After that, I googled what could be wrong and left the tabs open on my computer for Papa when he got home from work.  Unfortunately, Papa didn't walk through the door until after 8pm and was beat so the dishwasher was going to have to wait.
This morning, I tried one of the "fixes" I had briefly read during yesterday's research and guess what?  It worked!  The dishwasher is working again!
Out of pocket:  ZERO AGAIN!  Well okay, not quite zero since I had to pay $1 for a new dish rack!

From Panic to Productivity!

One of my mantras for 2017!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE cost-free fixes! You are now going to be our problem-fixer go-to-girl!

  2. Great job! Please share what the fix was.

    1. The floater mechanism was "stuck" so it wouldn't register that the dishwasher needed water. It was positioned so it "thought" there was too much water already in the basin. All I did was pull the thingy up and presto! All better! Haha!

  3. I am the same exact way! I need to follow your example and learn to chill out.

  4. I'm a worse case scenario over-thinker worrier as well. I convince myself that by doing so, I will be prepared for whatever happens, but 9 times out of 10, either nothing happens or something I hadn't even thought of happens instead. Good for you for finding solutions without hitting the panic button. :-)