Friday, January 6, 2017

Guppy 1's Birthday, G2's Hard Decision, and Weekend Plans

Yesterday was bittersweet for me as Guppy 1 turned 18.  As cliché a saying as it is, it is very accurate...Where does the time go?  How could it have been EIGHTEEN years ago already?

Anyway, she spent "her day" the way she wanted....

We allowed her to miss school (she was only out one other day this year) and Ramsey was here (he is a year older than her).  He cooked her brunch, they watched Netflix, and just hung out.  Last evening, the five of us went to a hibachi place for dinner - where, after Ramsey told our waiter it was G1's birthday, they put a Japanese cap on her head and had the entire restaurant sing happy birthday to her while a waiter actually played on a gong!  It was really funny and will sure to be a great memory for years to come.
After dinner, we came home for her favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake and presents....
By process of elimination from Christmas, she knew her "big" present was going to be a new camera.  But, over the course of the last two weeks, I have been throwing her curve balls and made it sound like, not only did I purchase the wrong camera, but also didn't buy any lenses to go with it.  LOL  So, at least she was super surprised when she opened the box to find an array of camera items - including the RIGHT camera and a few lenses to boot!  The look of happiness (and relief!) was priceless!  I also had gotten over to Kohl's to use my Kohl's cash and YTY rewards to grab her a sweater she wanted.  And, on a whim, I decided to grab her a pre-owned game at Game XChange as an "extra" gift - I figured it was worth the chance at only $5.  Well, I guess I did really well because she AND Ramsey were both super excited!  They said that particular game has great reviews...Go me!
Ramsey didn't leave until 10pm last night so you know G1 was dragging her heels this morning...But she went to school happy.

Without going into too much detail, Guppy 2 has a friend "M" who has been having a rough time dealing with depression/suicidal thoughts.  M has been confiding in G2 and spending many hours a night texting.  G2 came to me during Christmas break to tell me about this and how worried she was.  G2 asked me to tell M's father what was going on so I texted him because I knew he was at work.  We don't think he approached his daughter about it however, since M didn't say anything to G2 about "ratting" on her and the nightly texting continued.

Yesterday, G2 made the decision to tell the high school guidance department.  (I am 99.9% positive that G2's therapist helped her come to this decision.)  Guppy 2 was nervous that M was going to be angry with her but saw no other way to help.  Guidance jumped right into action (and G2 got the dreaded "did you tell?" text to which G2 replied "yes").  M got evaluated and was brought to the hospital for observation.  The last text G2 got from M was that she wasn't angry with G2 for "telling" and that she knew it was better for her in the long run to get some help.

I told G2 that I was proud of her and agreed.  I personally am wondering if her father is going to approach me for  G2's choice to get the school involved after telling him what was happening.  I know that mental illness runs in M's family so the only important thing is making sure M (and her family) can get the help and support needed.  I totally stand behind G2's decision.

And, to be clear, I am NOT passing judgement on M's parents!  Mental illness/issues still have such an associated stigma in our society - and especially in my town where people are so desperate to fit in as it is.  We know all to well how hard it is...especially if it's not the only issue happening in a family at that time.

Weekend Plans

This weekend is (hopefully) going to be on the quieter least for Papa & me!

Guppy 1 and her BFF were invited to go to NYC with another friend "A" to celebrate A's 18th birthday this Sunday.  The three girls and A's mom are going to take the train into the city, see Cirque de Soleil, and have a nice dinner.  G1's pretty excited!  Fingers crossed it happens though because A hasn't been feeling well over the past few days.

Guppy 2 may end up making plans this weekend....or maybe she will surprise us and actually stay home for a change.  She had been lamenting over the fact that she hadn't gotten much reading done over Christmas break so who knows?  She may decide to stay home and do that.  Especially since the weathermen are predicting snow for Saturday.

The only thing I am *hoping* for this weekend is that Papa & I can figure out a "date night" for here at home.  Maybe we can just chill out and play board games or watch movies or something.  My goal is 52 dates this year with Papa but every date doesn't have to be us physically going out of the's more about reconnecting and spending time together.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. So proud off G2. G1 had it a great first day into adulthood. Sounds like MaMa fish handled it well too. Enjoy date night!

    1. Maybe go for a walk in the snow this afternoon followed up with cocoa and a movie?

    2. Love that idea! Wish I had seen this sooner! =) BUT, I will be keeping this one for future use! By the way, we had a nice night snuggling and reading so it was a win!