Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mother's Day, And Father's Day to Papa & Me!

It's only the beginning of 2017 I know!  But, Papa and I are receiving all our gifts from my parents in one tidy little package!

I know I tend to complain sometimes about my parents.  And I know it's a weird relationship.  But, I am super grateful for them nonetheless....especially right now!

We had G1's senior pictures done way back in October.  An online gallery was posted and we have until January 31st to make our decision as to what pictures we want/what sizes etc.  (Her senior picture for yearbook was submitted in October.) 

So, I thought we could buy digital copies of the pictures we liked for $2/piece.....I have no idea why I thought this!  I could have sworn I read it!  But, nope!  Digital copies for each picture are....wait for it....

$50 each!

I could have cried when I saw that!

And, I wasn't financially prepared for this either!

To further break it down, each picture we wanted printed through them would be:

$12 for 4x6
$15 for 5x7
$25 for 8x10
going all the way up to
$175 for 24x36

My original plan (using the wrong $2/digital download information) was to pick out around thirty of our favorite pictures - there are over 240 total.  Buy those downloads and print pictures later as our budget allowed.
Those plans were completely out the window obviously.


There was one final option....

Buy the downloads for all the pictures....



Yeah, we don't have that kind of money laying around this month!

My parents have offered to purchase the $500 download package for us as our presents for 2017!  When my mom told me that yesterday I actually started to cry!

Now, for anyone who thinks I have completely lost my mind (then again most of you probably already think I have before this anyway!  LOL), this wasn't a normal senior photo shoot.  It was a full blown on site shoot at G1's favorite abandoned mansion!  And, so many of these pictures are breath taking of not only G1 but the grounds/house itself.
It was seriously a once in a lifetime photo shoot.

Now, when we have possession of all the downloads, we are free to print them out at our leisure, in whatever sizes we want, from whatever place we want.

And, they are extremely precious to Papa and me!  So they are the absolute best presents that my parents could have ever gotten us!

And I am beyond grateful!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think that is the most perfect gift!

  2. That is an awesome gift. And I'm in the wrong business!

  3. Thank you guys! I actually think it's perfect too! When I told G1, her mouth dropped! And, I agree with you Jane...photographers can make a KILLING! Honestly though, the one who did the photo shoot for us was totally worth it - which I think is also one of the reasons by my parents chose to help us do it this way. The pictures are just beyond wonderful and so atypical from what is normally done for senior pictures! =)