Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 2017 Grocery Totals

I'm back to keeping a tally of grocery expenditures!

What do I consider "grocery"?  All food (including dog, rabbit, and ferret food/supplies), toiletries, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

My goal is to spend an average of $550 per month.

In February, I am thinking of doing a weekly post on groceries (maybe including pictures) with an end of month recap.  I think that a full month in one post is information overload for how much/the way I shop.  LOL

January 2nd:  Stop & Shop  $24.29
1 package of 8 sesame seed hamburger rolls
1 package store brand cheese singles
1 round of Laughing Cow cheese wedges
1 package Arby's curly fries
1 1ltr bottle of regular Coke
1 package of 4 premade fresh burger patties
2 packages of Perdue chicken nuggets

January 3rd:  Dollar Tree  $7.44*
*while some of this was needed, some was "extra" because our dishwasher stopped working and I had to wash everything by hand!
1 50oz bottle of dish washing liquid
1 2pack of sponges
1 box (5 count) trash bags
1 25ft box of aluminum foil
1 dish drying rack
2 bottles of body wash

January 4th:  CVS  $2.12*
*combination of ECB and a coupon

2 (46.5oz each) All laundry detergents
1 deodorant

January 5th:  Big Y  $27.73
2 dozen large eggs
1 lb Deli American cheese
1 box maple sausage
1 (12 pack) diet Snapple
3 packages of boxed mac n cheese
1 loaf of Vermont brand white bread
1 1ltr diet Coke

January 8th:  Stop & Shop  $15.19
 1 16oz container of sour cream
1 8oz bag of shredded cheddar cheese
2 8packs of PowerAde
4 2ltr bottles of Pepsi products

January 10th:  Dollar Tree  $6.06
1 box of Malt-O-Meal "Lucky Charms"
1 box Malt-O-Meal "Frosted Mini Wheats"
1 package of 3 Instant Cup O Noodles

January 10th:  Stop & Shop  $20.89
2 packages of reduce steak tips (totaling a little over 2lbs)
1 canister of corn starch
1 1ltr bottle of Pepsi
1 10oz bottle of soy sauce
2 bottles of diet Snapple
2 lbs of broccoli crowns
1 bunch of scallions

January 12th:  Massive Shopping Day!
I was close to having a mutiny on my hands if I didn't restock the house fast!  LOL  So, I bit the bullet and spent the morning shopping! 

Olivers:  $42.31
10lb bag of boneless skinless chicken breast - $1.49/lb!  Can't beat that price around here!
3 lbs of fresh ground 80/20 beef
2 8oz containers of Daisy sour cream
1 pint of blueberries
1 large canatalope
2 grapefruit
1 4pack of Hershey pudding
1 75oz bottle of Xtra laundry detergent
2 jars of Tuttorosso tomato sauce
2 cans of Starkist tuna

Dollar Tree:  $9.38
Paper plates
2 boxes (40 ft) aluminum foil
1 box of garbage bags
1 box of Cheese Nips
1 box of pound cake - new item to me!  Never saw it sold here before!
1 bottle of shave cream
1 toothpaste
1 package of almonds

Aldi's:  $23.73
1 32oz container of vanilla yogurt
1 Ortega taco kit
1 package of cherry tomatoes
1 2lb bag of carrots
1 package of 3 yeast
1 package of celery
1 2lb bag of red onions
1 bag of mini sweet peppers
1 container of organic lettuce
1 bag of lime chips
1 bag of tortilla chips
1 bag of AP flour
1 bag of mini Hawaiian rolls
1 dozen eggs

Stop & Shop:  $68.34
1 bottle of Trop 50 orange juice
1 package of 4 Hershey pudding
3 blocks of Cabot cheddar cheeses
1 can of Reddi Whip
1 package of ready made pizza dough
1 bag of rabbit food
1 bag of popcorn kernels
1 bag of dill pickle flavored potato chips
1 bag of regular potato chips
1 bag of pretzels
1 bag of Baked Lays
1 bag of pizza Goldfish
1 bag of Sweet Chili Doritos
1 bottle of diet Coke
3 Perdue Chicken nuggets
1 bag of popcorn chicken
1 5lb bag of potatoes
1 eggplant
1 yellow squash
1 package of white mushrooms
1 sleeve of 5 garlic heads
2 bananas
2 pints of blackberries

ShopRite:  $116.95
2 12 packs of Diet Snapple
5 12 packs of Pepsi products
Cottonelle toilet paper
2 boxes of Giorgio mozzarella sticks
3 boxes of pierogis
1 bag of frozen French fries
1 package of cheese tortellini
1 package of cavatelli
1 carton of Friendly's cookie dough ice cream
2 Friendly's single serve sundae cups
1 lb butter
4 lbs of bacon
2 blocks of cream cheese
2 packages of Cabot Mozzarella
2 packages of Cabot Double Cheddar
2 boxes of Cap N Crunch cereal
1 jar of Hellman's mayo
3 bags of Doritos
1 bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup
2 bags of bagels (6 each)
1 roll of paper towels
1 bottle of Hershey sundae syrup
1 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
1 8lb bag of oranges
1 dozen eggs
1 double pack of Thomas English muffins
1 quart of strawberries

January 14th

Farmer's Market:  $23.30
1 bottle of whole milk
1 bottle of heavy cream
1 pint of blueberry yogurt
1 pint of cherry yogurt
sweet potatoes

Walgreens:  $6.89
2 packages of Luden throat lozenges (G2 has a sore throat/cold brewing)
2 tins of Altoids for Papa to keep in his car/at work

January 17th:  Stop & Shop $3.88*
*majorly offset by some bottle returns and meat being marked down considerably
1 package (10) small flour tortillas - didn't make them from scratch yet after all
1 package (8oz) shredded Mexican cheese
1 lb deli American cheese
2 packages (almost 2 lbs total) boneless ribeye steaks

January 19th:  Big Y $68.26
Big Y butter
2 bundles of firewood
1 large pack of toilet paper
4 cans tomato soup
1 small jar of capers
1 small jar of Skippy
1 box of organic chicken broth
1 bottle soy sauce
4 packages of Udon
1 loaf of Vermont bread
2 packages of pepperoni
2 lemons
1 bottle Marie's blue cheese dressing
1 bunch fresh parsley
2 bagged lettuce mixes

January 23rd:  Big Y  $38.74
1 half gallon whole milk
1 pint heavy cream
1 half gallon chocolate cookie dough ice cream
1 bottle salad dressing
1 bottle BBQ sauce
3 bottles of Ice lemonade
1 jar of orange marmalade
3 six pack bottles of Coke products
1 package of ravioli
1.5 lbs of broccoli crowns

January 24th:  Dollar Tree $18.56
1 package of napkins
1 roll of paper towels
1 4 pack of gum - treat for G2
1 package of mini Kit Kats - treat for G2
1 box Scotties
1 box of Malt-O-Meal "Lucky Charms"
1 box of Malt-O-Meal "Frosted Mini Wheats"
1 bag of cupcake liners
1 box of Q-tips
1 peppercorn grinder with peppercorns
1 container of onion powder
1 container of garlic powder
1 container of dried basil
1 container of rainbow sprinkles
1 bottle of bodywash
1 can red beans
2 cans of diced tomatoes

January 24th:  CVS  $32.94*
*earned $7 in extra care bucks
2 bottles of Garnier hairspray
2 boxes of Cheez-Its (Buy one/get one)
2 boxes of Saltines (Buy one/get one)
2 packages of makeup remover wipes (30 count each)
1 large jar of Ponds
1 Elf brand makeup setting spray

January 25th:  Big Y:  $115.76
1 5 pack of croissants
1 lb store brand butter
.5 lb antipasto items from olive bar
1 container of cucumber & garlic tsatziki
1 container spicy hummus
1 lb deli American cheese
2 packages of pitas (8 total)
1 package of curly fries
1 box of egg rolls
1 box of hashbrown patties
3 6 packs of Pepsi products
1 bottle of white vinegar
4 bottles of Ice lemonade
1 14oz bottle of Heinz ketchup
1 12 pack of store brand English muffins
2 6 packs of Gatorade
1.5 lb flank steak
1 package fresh chicken cutlets
1 5lb bag of yellow onions
1 2lb bag of red onions
1 package white mushrooms
1 5lb bag russet potatoes
1 cucumber
1lb of sweet potatoes
4 kiwi fruit

January 28th:  Farmer's Market   $23.50
1 quart whole milk
1 pint cherry yogurt
1 pint blueberry yogurt
1 lb of raw honey
1 loaf of artisan bread

January 28th:  Big Y   $17.56
1 half gallon cookie dough ice cream
1 half gallon vanilla ice cream
1 box store brand corn flakes
1.5lb of red peppers
1 lb of green peppers
1 lb of summer squash
1/2 lb of zucchini
1 large cucumber
1 container of seafood salad

January Total:  $713.82
Over goal by $163.82

Some belt tightening needs to be done for February!  To get back on track to come out to my $550/month average, I will need to try to keep spending to $386.18 or less!  It should be interesting considering I know that I am going to need to grab more dog food early in February!

On the plus side, I still have quite a bit of chips left in the pantry as they didn't go as quickly as I expected.  I still have five or six chicken breasts from that deal I got at Olivers - and these suckers are HUGE!  Two breasts can feed the four of us plus leftovers!  Plus 2 packages of ground beef, 2 lbs of bacon, and a whole chicken are still stashed in the freezer with the aforementioned chicken breasts.

It's gonna be challenge but I am going to try my best!

How did you do with your grocery budget this month?


  1. I allot $280 for groceries each month. I underspent by $25. I averaged between $45 and $55 each week feeding two adults. I'm very happy with that! :)

    1. That is amazing! Great job with your budget! =)

    2. Hey also I had been wanting to ask you...I try to comment on your blog but never get the "verification email" that will allow me to do it. Any idea why?

  2. You have the guppies and friends sometimes. I also think you should separate papergoods/cleaning and pet products to give you a better idea on actual foodstuffs for the family. No judgement, just an idea. I went over as well, but restocked things we were out of that I was waiting for a deal on. Does Agway carry the pet products? I got on their mailing list and. Sometimes get emails with 5 off 25.

    1. You are absolutely right that we do have more than "four mouths to feed" quite often. Maybe some research on casseroles and the like is more in order. I used to separate out the animal stuff and probably should do that again. I think Agway carries some pet products so I will sign up for their mailing list. I might be able to get food/hay/bedding for the bunny and ferret there - or at the very least comparison shop for prices. However, unfortunately our ten year old dog has developed food allergies (gluten being the largest culprit) so we can't be as flexible with her food as well like. =(

  3. I'm not sure why, but I only count items to eat in my grocery budget, and everything else, even food for the non humans, in my household budget. Maybe as I feel I can shop very differently for household stuff than food stuffs, so don't want to co-mingle. Either way, I have an aggressive $350 a month average goal combined. I don't count school lunches or any meals eaten out of the house and fully prepared take out-other budget lines, but I do count convenience items like take and bake pizzas and deli counter items like rotisserie chicken. I could get really lazy and not watch the entertainment and meals out budget, but can't this year. good luck with your spending-oh and your January looks very healthy, and good stuff-even with a treat or two thrown in.

    1. Moving stuff to the household budget is definitely going to be considered for February! And, while I did try to buy healthier stuff in January, I will also be the first to admit there was quite a bit of junk food thrown in!

  4. I did horribly for January too. I went over my $160 monthly budget by $55. I was really bummed that I couldn't keep it together but we had birthday celebration and we went over a little on the eating out because of a trip for my son's birthday. I wasn't as upset by that because there was no lazy eating out times but they were all because we weren't at home. Plus I try to stay under $40 for eating out and that is really limiting but we are under for February so making progress. I am hoping to make up for both with this month's lower spending overall. Wishing you the best luck on February!

    1. Thanks Alison! You too! If ANYone can be a grocery budget ninja it's you! =) By the way, I read your post and I think you did an amazing job keeping the expenses down for your son's birthday!