Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simple Sunday

While the above picture isn't quite what I'm doing today, I am hoping it will be fairly relaxed!

Guppy 1 is in NYC since her friend was well enough to go through with her birthday plans!  The birthday girl's mom was actually driving into New York City!  That's a brave woman I tell you!  I wouldn't do that on a good day, never mind the day after a decent snowstorm!  LOL

Guppy 2 is over at the boyfriend's house for the afternoon.

Papa is watching football on TV - Go Steelers!  =)

So, that leaves little ol' me to try to get a few things done...

I put some chili in the crockpot for dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.

I am doing some laundry - what else is new?  LOL

I am going to go through the grocery circulars to help me decide where to go for my big-ish  grocery trip this week.

I have to update my calendar.

I want to work a little bit more in my Project Me 365 notebook.

I also need to take down the second (artificial) Christmas tree in the family room!  (eep! so late!)

And, maybe even get some reading in, who knows?

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!


  1. Read today, the tree will still be there tomorrow!

    1. I did a little of both! All the ornaments are off the artificial tree but we haven't moved it into storage yet! :)