Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Prep

I have spent too much quite a bit of time these past couple of weeks mentioning that my family keeps passing crud and germs to each other.  Whelp, it would appear that now Papa has a mild case of the flu (sweats/chills, body aches, cough, congestion, exhaustion, fever, etc). 
I woke this morning with a bad headache and some body aches - which still could just be from the MS cramping I have been experiencing lately.  But, who knows since Papa kept cozying up to me last night when the chills came on.  Poor guy but please don't get me sick!  LOL
So, anyway,  I downed a dose of Tylenol to ward off the pain and got to work in the kitchen to help this week go smoothly in case I am "lucky" enough to catch what Papa has.
Here's what I did....

I made a new batch of pasta salad.  It's a no-brainer, super easy, and well received by the family!

While chopping veggies, I decided to make another batch of roasted veggies.  Easy to eat plain or stuffed in a pita or an open faced sandwich.

Then, inspired by Carol over at CT On A Budget and her post today about soup, I decide to make Crock Pot chicken soup for tonight's dinner.

After searching my freezer for homemade chicken broth, I  found I only had turkey left - and it looked pretty freezer burned.  I decided to defrost it in a pot and give it a taste.  Yup, totally had that freezer burned taste.  Rather than waste it, I grabbed odds and ends of different rices from the pantry and boiled it down to make a special "treat" for the dog this week.

Needing a "grab and go" breakfast for during the week, I looked at a new recipe for Oaty Maple Breakfast Cake in Jessica Fisher's book Good Cheap Eats.  I'll post my review of this recipe on Wednesday's Project Me 365 post since it's a new one!

Besides kitchen stuff...

I filled in/set up this week's calendar so I know what's going on for the week...Especially good since we have a few appointments this week!

I also did four loads of laundry and I'm now off to iron (hopefully) a week's worth of Papa's work clothes - since he is planning on getting to work if at all possible.

Then some more Tylenol and possibly a nap!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


  1. Not much resting-that's a full Sunday. Busy here as well preparing for the week.

  2. Yeah it ended up being a busy day and I never did take that nap! Today I plan on taking it a little more slowly. =)