Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unexpected BIG Discount, A Pretty "Cool" Freebie, and Snow

Last week we placed an order to purchase the digital downloads of all the pictures from G1's senior photo shoot.  The online gallery is due to come down today.

I hadn't heard back yet from the studio, and, being the worrier I am, I wrote off a quick email yesterday  just to make sure the order went through okay.  The last thing I wanted to happen was to somehow lose all the pictures!

Anyway, I got a very nice email back stating that we were all set except....

The amount we were being charged was LESS THAN HALF the online price!  So, instead of $500 plus tax for all the pictures, we are being charged $200 plus tax!  That's a huge savings!  I am still excited even though it's a gift from my parents for Papa & me because hey it's nice when they can save money too!

The email went on to ask permission to use a few of G1's pictures in the studio's portfolio and advertising campaigns too!  G1 was thrilled beyond belief!  She didn't believe them at the photo shoot when they were complementing her so I guess now she does!  LOL 

Papa & I wonder if they offered us the deep discount in exchange for the use of the pictures.  It's just speculation.  But, it's a pretty sweet deal no matter what - a whole chunk of change saved and a boost to my daughter's self esteem!  =)

Yesterday evening, Papa came home with this freebie....

A soft pack cooler with a TON of reusable freezer bags!  There are 12 of the white - which are perfect size for Papa's regular lunch bag, 2 medium blue, and 2 very large blue.  I'm thinking the cooler and freezer bags will come in very handy once the warm weather comes and we head to the beach and farmer's markets.

Go Papa!  =)

It feels like Connecticut (at least my part) has barely gotten any snow this winter so far! And, while I have complained about wishing there was more snow on the ground here, I didn't want it today!

The weathermen are predicting about two to three inches this afternoon...barely anything for most New Englanders.

But, schools are getting out early due to the timing of the storm...

And G2 has a therapy appointment today so I'm feeling a little anxious about driving the mile up the main road to get there....

Yeah, I am a total wimp I know!

Papa suggested that if I am that nervous we could just walk there because, like I said, it's literally a mile away.  When I brought it up to G2....well let's just say it wasn't well received!  Haha!

Guess I should be careful what I wish for right?

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!


  1. More than likely that is probably why they charge you less than their advertise price. We had a new photographer do beautiful shots of DD for her senior portraits and in exchange For the free sitting fee we gave permission for them to use her photos in their advertising. And nice freebies. I was thinking the same thing recipe great to use for the farmers market. Be careful driving today

    1. That's definitely a possibility. I'm sure it's different than when you book a wedding but I know with our wedding package with them we were told upfront what the price was. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but they already gave us the picture G1 chose for the yearbook for free.
      And I guess great minds think alike about the farmer's market!
      I did okay driving yesterday....I think G2 was more nervous about it than me! LOL