Sunday, January 29, 2017

What's Cooking?

Sorry about taking last week off with this post....

Let's talk about what we ate this week!


Me:  Apple muffin and small bowl of dry Lucky Charms
Guppies:  Apple muffins
Papa:  Cherry yogurt with granola

G1: Scrambled eggs & Toast
G2:  Pasta salad
Papa: Leftover homemade macaroni and cheese, brownie

Me:  Leftover mac n cheese with roasted veggies

G1 & me: Pierogis in onion/butter sauce
G2 & Papa:  Pasta salad

The Guppies had a two hour delay due to snow/rain/sleet/ice so we all slept in a bit.  Also, G2 had her BFF sleep over last night due to boy drama - this time it was G2 who broke up with the boyfriend.  I think this is it for the two of them.  Thankfully, G2 seems very much okay!

G1:  Homestyle "Egg McMuffin" with sunny side egg, bacon, and cheese
G2 & BFF:  really wanted Mozzarella sticks - I gave in because I would rather have something in her belly than nothing
Papa:  Instant oatmeal and an orange at work
Me:  Homemade "McMuffin" with bacon and cheese only

G1:  Scrambled eggs and toast
G2:  Pasta salad - this kid loves pasta salad!  LOL
Papa:  Pasta salad, brownie
Me:  "Snacky lunch" composed of sliced bell peppers, celery, broccoli, bleu cheese dressing, and 4 small wedges of cheese with a few Ritz crackers

G2: Chicken noodle soup
G1, Papa, & Me:
Spicy Udon
We all had brownie sundaes for dessert.


G1: Requested another "Egg McMuffin"
Papa:  I sent him off with a McMuffin too since it was easy to do both at the same time
G2:  Said she wasn't hungry.  Got a few saltines into her anyway to settle her stomach
Me:  Buttered English muffin

G1: Crackers & Laughing cow cheese, fruit
G2:  lunch out with friends afterschool at coffee shop
Papa:  Leftover Udon, brownie, orange
Me:  Grilled veggies on pita with a side of pickled peppers/artichoke hearts

G2:  Chicken nuggets and fries
G1, Ramsey, Papa, & Me:  Flank steak gyros with Tzatziki sauce*
*It was another new recipe and I forgot to take a picture before I ate it!  I thought the seasoning on the steak needed to be amped up but everyone else loved it --- INCLUDING RAMSEY the food critic!!!  On the plus side, I have discovered I loooooove tzatziki sauce --- yummy!


G1 & Me:  English muffin with peanut butter
G2: Croissant with butter
Papa:  Yogurt with granola at the office

G1: Crackers with Laughing Cow cheese, fruit
G2:  Bacon grilled cheese & chips
Papa:  Seafood salad on pita and dill pickle chips
Me:  Roasted veggies, American cheese, and Tzatziki sauce on 1/2 pita and dill pickle chips

Migraine and MS cramping in my legs was kicking my butt!  I really wanted to order a pizza but trudged on instead!  We were all home together...
Choice of chicken cutlets two ways: 
White Wine Sauce & Capers
or BBQ Sauce
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes (from box)

That yellow plate isn't going to win any food beauty pageants but it was yummy and saved us from takeout!


G1, G2, & Me:  English muffins with butter
Papa:  not sure because he had to travel to Rhode Island  He said he would get something at the hospital there

G1:  Eggs & Toast
G2: Leftover sweet potatoes
Me:  Leftover BBQ chicken breast sautéed with onions and put in 1/2 pita with American cheese
Papa:  Turkey wrap at his meeting

Impromptu pizza party for G2 & Friends!
G2 asked if her best friends could come over and hang out.  After the tough week she had with her breakup, I gave in.  They are all good kids and I want to keep G2's spirits up.
Papa & I split a small white veggie pizza.
G2 & friends had a large mozzarella pizza and a large bacon pizza.

*G1 away for the weekend

G2: woke up late and wanted leftover pizza for her "brunch"
Papa: cereal with milk
Me:  Dry Malt-O-Meal "Lucky Charms"

G2:  see above regarding "brunch"
Papa:  Grilled cheese and Doritos
Me:  last two pieces of veggie white pizza from last night

G2:  Went out with friends to the local burger joint

*At home Mexican date night for Papa & Me*
Vegetarian chili with sour cream, cheese, and scallions over chive Belgian waffles
There is a waffle under there!  I promise!  LOL

Home made fried ice cream

And that's what was on our table this week! 

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