Friday, January 13, 2017

Yesterday's Adventure & Other Miscellany

My house had become dangerously low on supplies....Dangerous for ME that is since my grumbling family was planning a mutiny I swear!  LOL
Seriously though, if it were just Papa & me, I would have tried to trudge on a little longer and not have done a big grocery shop.
But, fearing for my safety ;), I summoned my "inner Natalie" from Imperfectly Frugally and spent the entire morning shopping!  For those of you who do this weekly, I don't know how you do it!  I know I wouldn't have the energy to do it every single week!
While I am doing a full run down at the end of the month in my January grocery post, I'll give you guys the highlights of yesterday's adventure...

7am: Dropped Guppies off to school and then headed straight over to Stop & Shop.  Best deals here were:
5lbs of Russet potatoes for 97 cents
1 bag of Goldfish for 99 cents
Utz chips for $1.99/bag
3 Cabot cheese blocks for $1.99/each

7:45:  Dropped off Stop & Shop groceries, put away perishables, drove to Oliver's - small independent supermarket with amazing meat!  I got a couple of GREAT meat deals there:
10lb bag of BSCB for $1.49/lb!  Amazing price for around here!
3 lbs of freshly ground 80/20 beef for $9.87 - definite difference with freshly ground

8:30am:  Back home to drop off perishables and walk the dog

9:15am:  CVS to deal with a prescription screwup and then Dollar Tree

10am:  Aldi's

10:20:  Shop Rite where I was able to get:

5 12 packs of Pepsi products for $10.88!
and a LOT of other items to make my family happy again!  LOL

11:30am:  Finally back home and beat!  Finished putting all the groceries away, breaking down the large packages of meat into smaller meal sizes.   Then quick lunch and off to get G1 from school at 1pm because of senior privilege.

Whew!  It was tiring!  I am in awe of people who do weekly shopping to multiple stores!  Yes, I saved a considerable amount - as you will see in the full grocery post - but I couldn't do a marathon shop every week!  I guess the good news is that I don't want to have to step inside a grocery store again for as long as I can hold out!

Other News...

Starting this morning, my schedule for the next week is completely screwy because of the Guppies midterm exams.  They have half days with two test periods per day.  Because of classes that don't have midterms (ie gym and study hall), it appears I will be running them back and forth to school multiple times in the am - you can come in late/leave early if you don't have a test scheduled for that period.  So this should be interesting...

I haven't talked much about my brother in law lately here because, quite frankly, I cannot handle the stress of the situation anymore.  I decided this back in December when he was possibly going to be homeless when he was released from the rehab center and was hinting to Papa that he wanted to come here.  Papa & I talked and agreed that he couldn't come here and I left it alone.  It's better for my health and Papa & my relationship if I just let him deal with it....unless he needs to talk/vent.  Anyway, Papa's brother is still on the rollercoaster ride of being admitted/released from the hospital for myriad health reasons.  Honestly, I doubt he's going to recover completely.  His body is too broken and he is unwilling to follow through with the medications he is required to take.  It's not that I don't care and love him, because I truly do.  I am just resigned to the fact that he is the one in control of his life...for better or worse.

I have been toying with the idea of re-vamping this blog a little bit.  I want to add some side columns (like my favorite blogs to read).  I also want to possibly add a few adds (gasp!  I know this is a controversial subject because some readers HATE adds.). I am considering expanding to other social media too (like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) but I a tad wary of this since my parents/inlaws/etc don't know I have this blog.  Basically, I think I am just in need of blog help!  LOL 
Anyone more experience have any advice for me?

With that I guess I'm off!  I have to straighten up the house - with Guppy 2's help - because I told her she could have a bunch of friends over tonight since Guppy 1 will be out....What was I thinking?  haha

Hope you are all having a great Friday!


  1. I thought about facebook before for my blog but would just prefer to keep it separate. Different audience and I really don't want certain people to know my financial business.

    1. That's definitely true! Facebook is one I think I am going to stay away from. I like my anonymity here...although IF people wanted to find this blog, it would be pretty easy. LOL