Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ATT & My Little Data Suckers....

As you may recall, we upgraded both Guppies phones for Christmas.

Whelp, we now find ourselves in new territory regarding....

Data Usage!

Or more to the point...

Date overages!

We have always had a rather generous data limit - 15G plus ATT gives us a bonus "thank you" 10G per month.  25G should be plenty, right?

Well, lately, not so much.  We have been running out of gig days in advance of the new billing cycle.  And, of course ATT so generously adds 1 more gig at a time to the tune of $15 per additional gig!

I had been reminding the guppies to be on wifi at their friends' houses, connect to school wifi when using their phones for school related stuff, etc. 

This weekend I had enough of it and called ATT to have the extra data cut off.

And here's where it gets really interesting!

After twenty five minutes and getting hold of the "right" representative, I was told that I can NOT stop extra data being added to my phones.


Yeah, well first they wanted to sell me their direct TV package which, coincidentally, offers unlimited cell phone texting and minutes (already have those) AND unlimited data.  I explained I already have a cable company and do not want to switch.  Know what the rep said?  It might be beneficial to do this even for ONE TV in the house!  Yup, he tried to get me to have two separate cable systems on the two TVs I own!  Ridiculous right?

It gets better...

Then I was offered a "new promo" 16G package for ten dollars more per month than the one I already have!  At first the rep tried to say I would be getting more gig so hopefully less overage.  I had to be the one to remind them that I currently get 25G (15 on the plan plus my bonus 10) for less per month!  And, when I questioned them if I would lose my extra "thank you" 10G, they waffled and finally admitted that I would.  So, yeah...why would I take that offer?

Finally, when the rep realized I wouldn't be changing plans, they decided to tell me how to turn off the data to the guppies' phones.  It turns out I actually CAN do that via their website.  And it was all I really wanted to do in the first place!

The guppies will now have their data automatically turned off every month if/when our gig is maxed out.  And, I can say goodbye to high(er) phone bills.

I'm currently locked in with ATT for awhile but, once our contracts are up again, I think I'm jumping ship.

Anyone else out there with cell phone horror stories?  =)

Happy Tuesday


  1. We had a similar issue with Verizon a few years ago. As soon as our contract was up we jumped ship. We are currently with Total Wireless (prepaid phones through Walmart) and are very happy with what they offer. Our bill is now less than half of what we were paying Verizon and we are getting more. I am not looking forward to the day when we get Rebecca her own cell phone....

    1. Imagine TWO teenage girls! Haha! They are NOT happy with me about cutting off the data but....I did warn them after all. I guess the only "good" thing moving forward is that, once the data resets for February tomorrow, I can track how much each girl is using so I can tell who the true culprit is! LOL There was a LOT of finger pointing and I can't pinpoint exactly who kept using data after our allotted amount ran out - if that makes sense.

  2. Both my daughter and I were going over in our data usage (different plans & companies) and I finally figured out that our internet/wifi had been gradually slowing down and so our phones were connecting to the cellular network instead of using our home internet. I got a technician to come out and he reconfigured our setup at no cost - now our internet is way faster and our cell bills are back to normal!

  3. I connect to wifi every chance I get, as does TheHub! Not so much for Son3 who must walk around the streets of New York using data all the time!