Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Closing Out February and Onto March!

Moving forward, I think I am going to start trying to do updates at the end of each month on my progress in certain areas and come up with a set of goals for the following month....

Since I didn't have a specific set of goals for February, I'm going to highlight the positives that did occur...

1.  Groceries came in under $400 for the month
2.  I was under for the gas budget for my car by almost $19.
3.  I shaved $50/month off my cable bill.
4.  I was able to read three books after being in a reading slump:
No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz
No Dawn Without Darkness by Dayna Lorentz
What the Dead Want by Norah Olson
5.  While I am not going to come close to hitting my 52 dates with Papa, we did have a nice night out together at a local Irish Pub thanks to a Groupon I scored before Christmas.

Now onto....

March Goals

I am aiming for $450.  I also need to restock quite a few things in the pantry so this is going to be interesting.  But, I am determined!

I am budgeting $130 - this is for just my car.  If I am able to stay under this, any money left will be rolled into a "Summer fund" for the extra driving I do in the summer.

I would like to read at least four books in March.

I have been far too lazy so far - okay some of it was due to illness but still I'm way off the mark for where I need to be.
1.  Aiming for 5 miles per day minimum.  I don't have a fitbit but my phone keeps track of my steps taken/miles walked.  I have been using that for about a week now.  While not perfect (I sometimes leave it on the table and forget to have it on me), it's a decent indicator of my level of activity.
2.  Strength/Weight training twice per week.
3.  Yoga once per week - try to find a beginner program on Netflix or YouTube
4.  Limit diet coke to 2x per day - It really is my weakness.
5.  Up water intake to at least 16 oz per day - baby steps here.
6.  Weight loss - I'm hoping if I do the above I will see the scale move a decent amount.  I'm aiming for a 5 lb loss in March.

1.  Try to make tortillas or pita bread.
2.  Try at least four new recipes in March.

1.  Save/Earn at least $100 in March.  Some of my ideas so far as to how to achieve this include selling things on Ebay and/or through consignment, bottle returns, money saved in grocery budget - if any, Swagbucks, Ibotta, and any of other shaving of bills I can find!  I am also contemplating finding some part time work outside the house.

Start using a journal/calendar system again!  It fell by the wayside in February and I can see how much I truly need it to stay on track with everything!  I am a complete mess without it!

Those are where my goals stand for March!  I'll post at the end of the month with an update on how I did!

Enjoy the last day of February everyone!


  1. Oh I am so with you about falling by the wayside in February. I have to pull out my journal and keep it on the kitchen table where I will see it every day. I have a complex system to keep me on track but it does not do me a damn bit of good when it is stuffed in a drawer under piles of random stuff.

    1. Exactly! I am still in the process of creating the "perfect" system for me but I have a LOT of good parts in place already. I just need to use them in March and continue to improve my binder! =)

  2. Wow! I feel lazy compared to you lol..I am aiming for 2 miles a day. I have an older fitbit that was given to me. I have allotted $500 for our groceries, but I am hoping to come in far under that.

    1. Trust me - don't feel lazy! Those numbers are what I am AIMING for! We will see if I average out there at the end of March.