Friday, February 10, 2017

Day Book for February 11th, 2017

Good Morning!

Outside my window....
It's finally a winter wonderland in Connecticut!  My area of the state got between 12 to 18 inches yesterday!  After taking a quick peek on my back deck, I'm guessing we got closer to the higher range - probably 17 to 18 inches!  I would go out and measure it but, yeah, not gonna happen!  LOL  Not much else is happening out there...I have seen maybe three cars go by this morning.

I'm hearing...
The furnace kicking on, the dog whining for me to take her outside (not going to happen yet since she was out a few hours ago!), and just the general silence that comes after a large snowstorm. 

I'm feeling....
Tired and achy from all the shoveling I did yesterday!  Papa had trouble getting the snowblower going at first last evening so I took it upon myself to dig my car out....after I spent all that time shoveling throughout the day. 

I'm wearing....
The sweater I wore all day yesterday because I was too lazy to take it off last night and my flannel PJ bottoms.

I'm grateful for....
The ability to still get out there and shovel! 
The snowblower working!
The change in status from "2 hour delay" to "No School" today!
The fact that G1 is safe and cozy up at Ramsey's house!
That, thanks to the no school today, G2 gets an opportunity to study more this weekend for a test she was stressed out over!

From my kitchen...
Ummm, not much is going to be happening in there....I don't think!
G2 was less than thrilled with dinner last night of Costco chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese.  While she likes both, she proclaimed that it was more a lunch menu than a dinner one!  Haha!  This morning I rummaged through my fridge/freezer and stumbled upon an idea....We are doing homemade pizza tonight with the frozen dough I pulled out.  G2 loves making pizza and it still is an easier dinner so score!

I'm reading....
Still the second book in the "No Safety In Numbers" series!  Maybe I'll make some progress in it today.

Weekend plans....
Mostly up in the air.  I don't know what G2 is scheming to do besides her studying and completing an art project that is due on Monday.  G1 will have to be picked up from Ramsey's house at some point - my guess is Sunday.  Papa and I will head over to Winter Farmers Market on Sunday.  

Happy Friday all! 


  1. Replies
    1. I'll keep an eye out for you...if we go! I'm hearing more nasty weather on the way tonight (Friday) and then Sunday too! And, I'm hearing grumblings about a storm next week! Winter is making up for lost time!

  2. It makes me feel bad to gripe about our lack of winter this year. It is about 70 and sunny right now.

    1. I'm usually a winter person but would love another nice Spring-ish day! And, truthfully, up until now, we have gotten off pretty easy this winter.