Friday, February 24, 2017

Day Book....Friday February 24th

Lilacs from last Spring!

Outside my window....
is the beginnings of a beautiful day!  Imagine my surprise when I watched the news the morning to find out that we are in for an almost 70 degree day!  In Connecticut!  In February!  I'll take it for sure!  =)
My road seems more active than usual with cars and people alike.

What I am hearing....
Cars going by, the dog snoring on the couch, the dryer going, and my phone going off with a text from G1 at school that she gave me the wrong pick up time today (senior privilege = shorter days).

What I am feeling....
I'm still exhausted (mentally and physically) from this week. 

What I am wearing....
Winnie the Pooh grey sweatshirt and grey flannel PJ bottoms.  I turned the heat off in preparation for such a nice day but my house is currently 62 degrees so I am comfy in these warmer clothes for now.

What I am wishing....
That the little girl who was taken this morning by her father is found safe and sound!  Papa saw on the news that there was "police activity" on the street where is mom lives!  He watched to see that a man killed at least one person and then grabbed his six year old daughter and fled the scene.  So sad and scary!

What I am reading....
I finally finished the second book in the No Safety in Numbers trilogy.  It was a loooong book and after reading some reviews on GoodReads, it seems like I wasn't the only one that struggled to finish it.  It was a really good book but was just too long.  I started the final book last night and I am already 2/3 through - which really tells me that either the author or editor made a bad decision in how to split the story up.

What I am thankful for....
That Papa was home by six pm last night and plans the same for tonight!  That it's the weekend.  That G1 is semi recovered from her trip that that nasty dermatologist yesterday.  That my cold seems to be finally going away.  That my sweet G2 is getting a LOT of positive reinforcement from us, school guidance, and her therapist regarding how to handle a very stressful and manipulative friendship.

What I am creating....
Nothing today...I'm simply too tired.  I may try to get some baking done this weekend though.

From the kitchen....
I have a sink full (and then some!) of dirty dishes to deal with from last night's roast chicken dinner.
Lunches are going to be leftovers and, since it will be just Papa and me for dinner tonight, I will be making a mushroom, spinach, and cheddar frittata.  I would also like to get the crockpot going and make some chicken stock since I don't have any homemade in the freezer.

What's going on this weekend....
I honestly don't have much of a clue yet besides trying to catch up on sleep and spending some extra time with Papa!  G1 is spending most of the weekend up at her boyfriend's house.  G2 is going to a hockey game tonight with her BFF but that's as much as I know for her plans at the moment.  Papa and I decided we are sleeping in tomorrow rather than heading to the Winter's Farmer's Market.  We have milk and yogurt left (our main reason for going in the winter months) and I don't have any extra money to spend anyway.  Sunday night is the Oscars so Papa and I (hopefully the Guppies will be around too) will watch with our annual Oscar "pickies" style dinner.

Today's To Do list....
Clean kitchen
Straighten family room and vacuum
Laundry - at least three to four loads!
Take dog for walk (twice)
Pick up Papa's suit from the cleaners
Pick up the Guppies from school
Drive G1 to Ramsey's
Finish the book I am reading

I'm sure I am missing stuff I need to do today but that's my list off the top of my head!

Hope everyone has a nice Friday! 


  1. I am glad you daughter is doing better after her millisecond visit with Dr. Asshat

    1. =) Thanks so much for the laugh! But, yes she is doing better and ready to move on to a second opinion.