Monday, February 6, 2017

Five Positive Things!

I am naturally a pessimist.  It's encoded in my DNA, I swear!
I try very hard to NOT let it get the best of me most of the time.
But, looking back at January and even the beginning of  this month, I can feel the pessimist and chronic critic sneaking back in.
So, to combat this, today's post is about compiling a list of POSTIVE recent things....

Here we go....

1.  This winter has been slightly warmer than ones in the past.  This translates to a direct savings in our oil bill - despite our drafty windows!  When I turned the heat on in October,  our oil tank was at 3/4 full.   We have only received one oil delivery since then!  We will most definitely need a fill up very soon as we are at a little over 1/4 tank.  But, in comparison to years past, we are doing pretty darn good!  I keep the heat at around 62 degrees during the weekday and then about 64/65 when everyone is home.  When the Guppies have friends over, I will turn it up to 68/70 but it goes right back down when they leave!  So far our outlay in heating has been under $400 so I'll take it!

2.  I am legally blind without glasses/contacts.  Earlier last year,  we decided I needed a new pair of glasses as my old ones were heavy, the frame was warped/wonky, and the prescription woefully old.   We had hoped that I could wear my glasses more often around the house and lessen my contact usage.  (I need to use daily disposable because I am prone to eye infections.  And, I won't give up my contacts completely because I am too self conscious about how I look in glasses.)  Yesterday, I saw that I still have over a three month contact lens supply left!  At this point in the year, I am usually down to about one month!  So, it looks like the glasses were a great investment after all!

3.  When I went to make granola yesterday, I realized that I was almost completely out of cranberries. Rather than running out to the grocery store, I scoured my pantry and, along with the scant 1/4 cup of cranberries I had remaining, I added a few free to me Graze snack mixes,  The snack mixes worked beautifully along with the coconut, walnuts, and sunflower seeds I also scrounged from the kitchen. Finding substitutes and thinking "out of the box" has to be my new kitchen strategy if I'm going to stay out of the grocery stores more.

4.  We kept our little "Super Bowl Party for Two" fairly simple.  I salvaged two baked potatoes from the fridge and made them into baked potato skins - ended up being the perfect amount for the two of us because, truthfully, I could eat my weight in potato skins!  I also took out the rest of the veggie chili stowed in the freezer and we used that, along with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and sour cream, turned into loaded nachos.  Papa even has a serving of veggie chili left for lunch this week.  During all that grocery shopping last week, I forgot to get onion dip mix - a staple here for snacky parties.  I searched through the cupboards and had no sort of dry soup mix left.  A quick Google search brought me to an Alton Brown homemade onion dip recipe and saved us from having plain potato chips!  LOL  The dip is simple and awesome!  And I get to count it as another new recipe for this year.  Papa and I topped the evening off with a small bowl of ice cream each.  While we were both full, we didn't overeat last night as each item's size was pretty small.  It worked really well!

5.  Even though the scale isn't going in the right direction yet, I have been eating a LOT more fruits and veggies!  If I can start phasing out the diet soda and sweets, I am starting to head down the right path.  I'm finally feeling a bit more energetic and my foot isn't bothering me as much anymore.  So, I want to start using my treadmill more to boost my daily mileage.

There are my five positive things to start this Monday!  How about you?  Have any positive things to share?

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  1. I love the 5 positive things list! I am absolutely stealing this with a link back to your page!