Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gas & Garbage & Horrid Bedside Manner

Happy Thursday everyone!  I cannot wait for the weekend to arrive!  Remember that Positively Tuesday post?  I swear the second after I hit the "publish" button, all hell broke loose!  Everyone here is okay so not to worry there.  Just a trying few days for sure!

Anyway, let's check out how I did with Gas & Garbage this week....

Last week I said I would be putting $30 in my tank (which I did) leaving me with $38.85 to stay on budget for gas for my car. Due to some unexpected "extra" driving I had to do this week, I had to put an additional $20 into my tank.   I have half a tank and $18.85 left to last me through next Tuesday.  Barring any extraordinary circumstances, I *should* be able to stay within budget - which makes me extremely happy!

I had three kitchen (13 gallon supposedly) bags of garbage this week....But, as with last week, two of them needed to be double bagged due to flimsy construction.  The good news is that the horrible bags are now completely used up!  LOL  But, seriously, such a waste.  I'm not sure why our garbage literally doubled this week as I have been fastidiously recycling where I am able.  Could just be the ebb and flow of our house?  No matter what, I am going to continue to keep track and strive to do better.

So, before I get to our horrid bedside manner account, there are a few things I need to admit...

1.  I haven't gotten much sleep recently since I can't sleep well when Papa isn't home - he came home at 2am yesterday from work (remember he works at the hospital so no normal business hours).  I worry about him falling asleep while driving home and that keeps me from getting solid sleep until I know he is home safe and sound.

2.  I realize I am pretty protective over the Guppies.  This story is about G1 -who currently has anxiety and depression.  She also had anorexia between seventh grade and freshman year of high school and almost needed to be hospitalized for it.   While she has overcome the anorexia (thank God), she still is very insecure about how she looks.

Okay, onto her doctor appointment....

She has some acne scarring that she is very self conscious about which is on her forehead predominantly.  This morning she had an appointment at a local dermatologist to see what they suggested be done.  G1 had a TON of paperwork to fill out (and included all the information above) since this was her first visit to this doctor.

The doctor came in the room, took a quick glance at G1's face (and I mean less than thirty seconds and in natural lighting), and proceeded to tell my teenage daughter that she has the "worst type of acne scarring possible" and "nothing was going to help it".  For the record, the scarring that G1 is uncomfortable about isn't that noticeable that much in my opinion.  She went on to say that for $2100, the doctor could do three laser treatments three months apart but it would only make it "25 % better" at most.  The doctor spent less than five minutes with us!

Now, G1 is holed up in her room feeling like the Phantom of Phantom of the Opera....


First world problems?  Absolutely.

But, what kind of doctor is so freaking blunt to a teenager girl who is on anti-depressive meds with that kind of medical history?!?!

I told G1 we would get a second opinion.  Her pediatrician is back from vacation on Monday and I'm going to see if she will refer us to the adolescent dermatologist at Yale....and hoping Papa will be able to find a connection within the hospital to get us in sooner than later.  I am counting on the fact that an adolescent derm will have a better bedside manner with teenage girls.

But for now I need to try to find a way to do damage control.


  1. Tell her the doc is an asshole and we all know what come out of one. Sorry to be so blunt but he was inexcusable

    1. Thanks for the laugh! G1 recovered a little last night and laughed so hard when I told her your comment! =) And, just for clarification - and to add to the shock - the doctor was a WOMAN!

    2. I don't like to bad mouth people in front of my kids, but when it is very due-I would agree with Anne's assessment. Sometimes people are just that horrid. I'm glad your guppy could laugh. My older daughter suffered horribly from acne, and as she got older, ate more natural, and had some really good topical peels, her skin is 90% better, and she looks lovely. Get a sedon or third opinion if needed.

    3. Thank you Sam! Truthfully, G1's forehead scars are minimal imo and she covers them well with makeup already. But, they make her very insecure anyway. I told my daughter what you said about the topical peels and she asked me why the derm didn't offer her anything like that. We both agreed that this derm just wasn't very good and most likely just trying to hawk her laser treatment to try to make any $$ off us that she could.

  2. I would complain to that Dr. and if he blows you off I'd complain to the medical board. He should have known her history from all the paperwork if he had taken the time to look at it. Tell her there is good and bad in all professions and this one was a bad one and keep looking for one who has some kind of caring personality. They don't realize the damage they can do to a kid. Or maybe they do and just don't care. Sorry - this really sucks. Hang in there and fight like a mama bear for your cub.

    1. Thanks Crystal and I am strongly considering complaining! And like I told Anne, the doctor was a WOMAN which seems so much worse because you would think she could relate to G1's insecurities regarding her face even if she neglected to read her history. G1 is okay this morning but it's sort of started a domino effect where she is worried/insecure about everything....But we have dealt with this in the past and will make sure to help her get through it again.