Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gas & Garbage

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am still feeling under the weather and cranky....and very tired of saying that! 

G1 tried to go to school yesterday and only made it an hour before she had to go to the school's health center!  When I went to pick her up there were four other kids waiting to be picked up from school as well for the same stomach thing!  During my quick chat with the nurse, she stated that she has been seeing more kids sick with colds, flu, and the stomach bug than last year.  She also said she thinks it's because  the weather hasn't gotten cold enough for long enough this winter.  Not sure that can be scientifically proven but it sort of makes sense!


On to today's topic!

As of last week I still had $68.85 in my "gas budget" for my car only.  Thanks to the bad weather we got in the middle of last week, my driving has been a minimum.  As a matter of fact, my car sat in the driveway from last Wednesday evening until Saturday morning!  I guess there is an upside of getting a LOT of snow at once - and my fear of driving in bad weather! 
This week I have been driving however.  Currently my gas gauge is sitting right under the 1/4 mark.  I have a few errands to do today in town and G2 asked me to bring her and her BFF to the mall tomorrow afternoon.  I *could* make it there and back on 1/4 tank.  But, I'll probably put gas in tomorrow morning anyway.  (I have a "thing" about letting the gas get too low.)  My plan is to put $30 in which would leave me with $38.85 to finish out February.

This week's garbage was SO much better!  Knowing that I am writing these posts again is keeping me more motivated and accountable.  This week we had only one and one half bags of garbage!  I hated putting on that "half" bag but it was refuse from the animal crates and would have gotten super stinky if I didn't get it out this week!
On a side note, these garbage bags are truly the bane of my existence! 
Here is a picture of the offending Dollar Store brand!
Because, while I only got rid of one and one half bags of garbage, I actually had to use THREE garbage bags!  The fuller bag had to be doubled after a flimsy envelope cut a FIVE INCH gash in the side of the bag!  Very frustrating to waste like that!

I'm off to take a shower and run over to Big Y to take advantage of the new week's flyer and my 10% off total purchase coupon.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. After years of trying to save money and using multiple bags to hold the trash I finally gave up and now only buy Glad Force flex bags. I have not had one busted bag since, and if I shop wisely and stock up plus use coupons they are not too costly. One of the grocery stores I shop regularly has them either BOGO (regular price) or a 2/ for offer (discounted price). These sales tend to circulate every 6-8 weeks.

  2. It's not a good idea to let your car sit in the freezing cold with only a quarter tank of gas - it's likely the gas lines will freeze (due to condensation). I learned this the hard way when I was at UConn many, many years ago!