Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Papa!

Sorry for the late post but I have been running around like crazy today!  Also, I will be bringing my new usual Wednesday Weigh In and Project Me 365 post back next week.

First of all today....

Happy 49th birthday to Papa!

I'm so lucky to have this man as my best friend, husband, and father to the Guppies!  Truly, I feel the luckiest!

Thankfully, his presents were already purchased - I still have to wrap them before he comes home from work though.

This morning was filled with errands both home and out...

I had to bake/frost Papa's cake  and get the components together/made for his birthday dinner - we are having Beef Wellington but I have to attempt to do it all by myself!  EEK!  Just a little nervous about this...

Also, I had to run to a mall about 35 minutes away to grab G1 some last minute things for her trip to New York City tomorrow.  She is attending "Fashion Week" at Madison Square Garden with Ramsey and Ramsey's friend.  It has been quite the challenge to find the right "sticky" bra for her to wear with her dress and I finally found it this morning - miracle of miracles!  Oh, and did I mention it's supposed to snow tomorrow? Yeah, more on that below.

Finally, I needed to run to both Big Y (yams, one bundle of firewood) and then Stop & Shop (completely out of rabbit food/hay). 

Welcome to New England weather!  Today is going to reach almost SIXTY degrees!  The sun is shining and it's simply gorgeous out!  It feels like an early Spring day!

Tomorrow is another story...

As of right now, we are predicted to be getting anywhere between 8 to 14 inches of snow....Our first major snowstorm of this season.  (I know many of you have already seen your fair share of snow this year but Connecticut hasn't really gotten any.)

The snow is supposed to start around dawn and continue through the afternoon. 

The Guppies told me yesterday that the teachers are already counting on there being no school on Thursday....which is good on one hand because then G1 doesn't have to officially miss a day of school to go to NYC....

But, on the other hand, I am completely a wreck about her getting into NYC in the morning.  Everyone is sleeping at Ramsey's tonight and his friend is going to drive them down to the train station so they can catch a train into Grand Central.  They aren't planning on leaving the show until it's over and then they are grabbing something to eat before catching the train home.  I'm hopeful that roads will be cleared by the time they are off the train and back to the car tomorrow night.  But,  I am pretty concerned about them getting TO the train station in the morning.  The friend driving is slightly older so I'm praying he has some winter driving experience under his belt. 

And, with that....

I'm back off to wrap presents and do some more general "Wednesday" chores!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. Oh beef Wellington! I am impressed. I have only made it a couple of times, once successfully and once less so. I know the birthday celebration will be a success.
    Hope the actual trip to fashion week is uneventful and hope your daughter has a blast. Son2 lives in NYC while attending school, but is headed out in the morning for The Caymans. I hope they are not weather delayed.

    1. Did your son get out Anne? Guppy 1 didn't go to NYC today. Roads here were too bad to get them down to the train.