Monday, February 13, 2017

Positively Monday!

The above picture captures my usual attitude regarding Mondays!

I am naturally a pessimist.  It's encoded in my DNA, I swear!
I try very hard to NOT let it get the best of me most of the time.
But, I can feel the pessimist and chronic critic sneaking back in...

In an effort to change this and start the week off right, I post about the good things that have happened recently.  Special thanks to Anne from over at New Happenings at the Table for coining the phrase "Positively Monday"!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Here we go with my list of recent positive things....

1.  Sleep!  Papa & I were without Guppies all day on Saturday.  We, being the crazy and wild couple that we are, decided to take a three hour nap!  LOL  We really both needed it.  It helped some but neither of us seem to be able to shake whatever this cold/crud thing is.

2.  A Working Snowblower!  Because who wants to have to shovel fifteen plus inches of snow from the driveway and two sidewalks surrounding the house?  I was able to keep up with the end of driveway so Papa could get into it after work on Thursday and I dug most of my own car out.  But, if that snowblower didn't start up - which was a possibility because we hadn't needed it yet this winter, we would not have been happy campers.

3.  Freezer Assets!  I noticed the date for my big bag of Costco green beans was Sunday.  (We hadn't used them for Papa's birthday meal as originally planned.)  Rather than using some of the beans with Sunday night's dinner and *hoping* to use the rest before they slimed up, I decided to be proactive and blanch/freeze the excess....NOT a new concept I know.  But, it is one that I finally put into practice.  And, honestly it took maybe five extra minutes of my time?  Easy Peasy!

4.  Homemade English Muffins!  I am a novice bread and roll baker.  So, when I decided to try out The Frugal Girl's English Muffins I was skeptical at best.  But, wow!  I did it!   It's a great recipe and you should check it out!  Seriously if I can do it, anyone can!   Plus, I had one for breakfast this morning and they are delicious!  =)

5.  The Walking Dead Returned!  Yes, I am on of "those" people.  TWD is a guilty pleasure of mine and a nice hour long break from the reality of our country at the moment.  It's also one of the things that I share with G1....ummm....gory quality time?  Haha

6.  Freebies!  My mom called and said she has a 12 pack of Snapple waiting for me at her house since it was on sale at her local grocery store. Yay!  Also, when G1 came home from Ramsey's last night, they sent her home with a "doggie" bag  of.... French onion soup, leftover cooked ham and glaze, plus leftover au gratin potatoes.  The men in that house can COOK too!  Extra points here because I really have been in the mood for ham and we weren't able to make ours yesterday because I was missing a key ingredient.


  1. A very good idea to list positive things that have happened as an antidote to pessimism :) and food freebies are always welcome!

  2. I agree Jane! It really helps train my mind to get back into the "half full" mentality. This is something I find I especially need during the winter months. =)

  3. I have been loving the Positively Monday thing. By keeping it daily, I really do think it has put me in a better frame of mind. There is something nice about recalling good things that happened even on the worst days!
    Nice that G1's bf can not only cook but know the importance of

  4. Ohhhhhhh. How did the muffins compare to you know who's (or is it whose?)

    1. Let's see...I would say they are much better than Thomas brand. But, compared to you know who? Well, unfortunately, not much beats theirs! ;)

  5. What a good list! French onion soup sounds delicious! And I want to try making those English muffins myself one day.

    1. Laura, the muffins are really good and worth the little effort needed to make them! =)

  6. Positively Monday. I like that! made a point to make it so!