Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Project Me 365

Love this quote!  And the talented musician who said it!  =)

I'm posting this quote because I need to remember this going into February!

My weigh in this morning did NOT go well...

I am up a total of FOUR pounds since my January 1st weigh in!  Now, to be fair, I am on my period and bloated badly.  But, I don't think that accounts for the almost four pounds!  I think the more likely culprit is my daily ice cream intake!  Possibly coupled with the chocolate!  Haha!
I'm super frustrated and disappointed with myself! But, starting fresh today!
There is a silver lining since I began this though..
I'm back to eating more fruits and vegetables through out the day!
So that makes me happy at least.

2473 miles....
Between the yucky weather and the sickness in the house, my mileage sucked big time this week!  I got in a total of just seven miles!  That brings my total for the year to a mere 67!  Gotta step it up this month if we can get the damn crud we keep passing around out of the house for good!  To make the treadmill in the unfinished basement a more "palatable" place to work out, I plan on charging up my Kindle Fire and watching shows/movies to help pass the time....when the weather isn't nice enough to walk outside that is.

Be good to yourself....
I'm trying to not beat myself up too badly about the weight crap - while still staying accountable!
I downloaded a free stress/meditation app to try out.  I just downloaded it this morning so I'll let you know what I think once I use it a few times! 

365 Acts of Random Kindness....
I haven't been out a whole lot to do much but the two things I can think of weren't completely "random" but maybe I can count them anyway...
1.  I talked to an older gentleman while waiting for G2's therapy appointment to end.  He seemed very lonely and wanted to talk to someone.  We chatted mostly about the bad weather and he regaled me in a few stories of snowstorms "back in the day".  We talked for about twenty minutes.
2.  An old friend called me yesterday.  I haven't seen him in about six months or so - though we do keep in touch via facebook.  He has had a slew of heath problems including cancer.  Since I've known him for almost THIRTY years, when he called, I could tell he was nervous about something.  He had to go in for a new cat scan last week and is waiting for the results.  He is 45 and still single, no girlfriend.  His only family left is his sister and her two kids.  I stopped prepping to cook dinner and took thirty minutes to talk to him.  I'm hoping it helped.  I am also going to check in with him later this week to see if he got his results.
When Papa got home (very late) from work last night, I gave him a long hug.  I cannot imagine going through an illness by myself.  I am so thankful to have such a wonderful caring man at my side constantly!

52 New Recipes....
I tried out my NINETH new recipe of the year this week!

Oaty Maple Breakfast Cake from the book Good Cheap Eats by Jessica Fisher.  So, I guess I better get to copying this recipe down before I have to return the book to the library because G1 LOVED it!  The author says it's kind of like a scone but easier to make since you bake it cake style and cut into wedges.  It was definitely easy!  But, in my opinion, the cake itself was a bit bland....I think G1 loved it because after putting the recipe's icing on it, I also sprinkled it with vanilla sugar and cinnamon.  Next time I make it, I will probably tweak the recipe and add some extra flavoring to the batter (like cinnamon and nutmeg).  That being said, it's a great "base" recipe.  Four out of five stars!

52 Dates....
Papa and I were able to sneak in a date at home last week while the Guppies were out and about.  We had a "Mexican dinner date" of Chive Waffles topped with Vegetarian Chili, Cheese, Sour Cream, and Scallions.  After that, we tried our hand at making fried ice cream drizzled with whipped cream and honey.  Delicious!  And nice to have a couple hours of time with Papa!

So, there's my update!

Looking forward to trying to make some changes this month....

Happy February 1st!

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