Friday, February 3, 2017

Quick Beauty Question and This & That......

Happy Friday!

So, I have a quick beauty question....

How often do you wash your hair?

Up until recently, I washed and conditioned my hair every single day!  Between having an oily scalp and all the insane hairspray of the '80s hairstyles, daily washings were normal for me.  Now that I am (cough cough) older, and have a much less fussy style,  I have been trying to go a day or two between washings.  During my daily shower I will rinse out my hair and put a little conditioner in towards the ends (now I have super dried out hair - boo!).  But, gone are the days of daily washing. 
After asking the Guppies about it, I found out they don't wash every day either!  As a matter of fact, G2 asked for a super expensive shampoo & conditioner for Christmas and still has 2/3 of the bottles left!  G1 has colored hair and uses special color depositing products to keep it vibrant and she has a good bit of her products left too!
So, I have decided to buy more quality shampoos & conditioners since I will be using less.  I'm hoping this will "all even out" in the end budget wise.
Oh and just as an FYI:  The MS medication that I am currently taking can weaken your skin, nails, and hair.  I have noticed changes in all three which is why I even considered changing my routines.

Yesterday we had our last 504 meeting for G1 at school.  It was super quick since she only has ONE teacher for the full year this year!  The rest were/are two semester classes and the new semester just began so the teachers wouldn't have anything to report.  Other than that one teacher, her guidance counselor and favorite assistant principal were in the meeting.  It was nice for us all to sit back and relax - including G1 since she was in the meeting too!  G1 is having a very good year - which is awesome considering school has been a struggle for the past six - less academic and more social and health related.  We are on the "home stretch" so to speak at this point.
I almost teared up when the guidance counselor told us what amazing parents we are and the assistant principal chimed in.  They commended us for embracing who G1 is and not forcing her into the traditional routes because we ALL know she wouldn't succeed that way.  For Papa and I, there wasn't ever any other option but to help G1 BE G1.  But, it was nice to hear it from two school administration people who have gotten to know her well.  I think we all secretly hope that she will pursue further education but we all know that, for her to succeed, G1 has to be ready and willing to do it.

I can't believe it's Friday already!

Papa & I are going to have another "Guppy Free" night tonight!  G1 is heading to her boyfriend's house for the weekend.  (As I have mentioned in the past, it's easier for both his family and mine if the kids decide to stay at one house for the weekend rather than driving them back and forth.  His family has a spare bedroom she uses when she's there.)  G2 is heading out to dinner with her BFF and aunt and then they are going to a hockey game. 
Tonight I think we are just planning on staying in and watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix.  Papa has had been logging in super long days at work and still isn't feeling great.  Some downtime home fits the bill much better than heading out tonight!

This morning I'm off to Costco with my parents.  They were more than thrilled at how much less G1's pictures cost and want to take me to do a small Costco trip.  (This is after giving me a 50 gift card to Stop and Shop as well!)  Besides picking a few odds & ends, I'm going to grab some beef tenderloin to make Beef Wellington for Papa's birthday dinner next week.

Speaking of Papa's birthday....
He really wanted to just stay home, have some sort of nice dinner, and a small homemade cake.  He said he didn't want any presents but, you know I couldn't let that happen!  LOL  He doesn't read my blog so I think I should be "safe" writing this....
Papa is getting:
A new to him video game that I have had since before Christmas - free since it was a buy three/get one free promotion back then
3 CD's (two of which are double disc) - $19.47 after use of my $25 Amazon gift card and free shipping thanks to Prime
I think I did pretty well spending wise here!

I'm not sure if we are heading to the Farmer's Market or not tomorrow.  We still have a full quart of milk and a whole pint of Papa's yogurt.  During the winter we usually only buy those things consistently.  Sometimes I will buy honey but I bought that last week.  Sometimes we grab meat too but that's not really in the cards this month budget wise.  Maybe I'll try to talk Papa into sleeping in and saving the money instead!  =)

It looks like Sunday may be just Papa & me as well!  G1 won't be coming home until at least half time of the Super Bowl.  And G2 told me this morning she may go to her BFF's for their family's big Super Bowl party!  I guess, since the Guppies are really growing up, this is something we need to get used to!  I only wish G2 told me before this morning since I already did some pre-game shopping!  I guess what doesn't get used for Super Bowl can be saved for Oscar night!

And with that I'm off!  Sorry for the ramble!  Haha!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have been known to wait a couple of days between shampoos if I am not going anywhere. Going out and about is a different story though. Even so I usually only shampoo every other day now that I am (ugh) older.

    1. So it's kinda of a getting older thing eh? LOL I am finding that I can go a day in between even if I am going out and about. It starts to look dirty if I go any longer right now....even with the daily water rinse in the shower.

  2. I shampoo Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays are use a shower cap and just brush my hair out. On Sundays I have a cleansing conditioner that really doesn't lather up and I use that. Can't wait to see the Costco post

    1. Your hair seems pretty thick to me - lucky you!!! I'm trying to get on that sort of schedule myself with the washing. And my Costco trip will be included in my weekly grocery roundup! =)

  3. Usually I skip a day between shampoos, and my hair tends to look better on day two-not so many fly away strands. I've been known to stretch to an extra day, if I'm going to be home bound, or places where a quick pony tail, head band, or twist knot will do. I am very lazy in self care though, so when the "experts" were endorsing a day between shampoos, I felt vindicated in my laziness. I shower daily though, but just pull my hair back and up, and I don't mind if it gets a little damp.

    1. It's been trial and error for me. My hair is unmanageable if it only get slightly wet, which is why I dunk that whole thing and need to put conditioner at the ends so it doesn't tangle up. Otherwise, I'd be yanking so much hair out I would be bald! ;)

  4. I shampoo about every other day, unless I'm teaching....then it's daily - especially with germs on school lately. Usually Saturday's if I know I'm not going to church I use a cleansing conditioner (herbal essences) I kinda wish I hadn't had a midlife hair crisis and cut my hair short with lots of layers, I'm not a gay person and there isn't enough left to ponytail

    Congrats on the last 504 of HS. We start that process again next week for the youngest.

    1. You are very brave to go short with your hair! I can't do it - I feel like my face is way too full!
      Good luck with your 504 process! Such "fun" isn't it?

  5. I have an extremely dry scalp due to my lupus & the medicine. I was twice a week, and don't use any conditioner at all. The conditioner, in my experience, makes my hair greasier. I use a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner from Head & Shoulders, with almond oil in it. It's amazing, and reduces the dry scalp, plus keeps my hair clean between washings. I also use zero product in my hair. Product also adds a lot to the dirt/grease/buildup.

    1. I have super dried out hair now so conditioner is a must unfortunately. I don't use much product either - a little hairspray on my bangs if I'm heading out but that's all. Isn't having autoimmune diseases awesome? =(