Saturday, February 11, 2017

Second Week of February Groceries!

Just a quick reminder of where my grocery budget stands for February...

To help offset an expensive grocery bill in January, I am trying to stay at or below $300 for February.  What is included in my monthly budget?  Food, paper and cleaning products, and health/beauty items.  We are a family of four....Papa, Me, Guppy1 (18), and Guppy2 (14).  Plus we often will have an impromptu dinner guest or two thanks to the Guppies!  =)

Last week, I spent a WHOPPING  $152.37!  That leaves only $147.63 or less for the rest of the month!

It's going to be interesting to say the least! 

But, at least I have a good amount of stuff to build upon in my kitchen already!

Here's the shopping I did this week:

CVS:  $4.03
Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray (G1's preferred brand)

Big Y:  $13.49
I forgot to grab sweet potatoes for G2 to have with Wednesday night's dinner!  Plus I grabbed a bundle of firewood since we are almost completely out of what we have from our late 2015  delivery of one cord.
1 bundle of firewood
1 25 sq ft roll of tin foil
1 100 sq ft roll of saran wrap
1 loaf of bread
2 lbs of sweet potatoes

Dollar Tree:  $4.25
2 rolls of parchment paper
 1 bag of Bit O Honey
1 canister of Hazelnut Wafers

***Side note:  This week's Winter Farmer's Market is being held Sunday instead of it's usual Saturday.  This automatically helps stretch the grocery budget further since we have to wait an extra day for our dairy!***

Total Spent This Week:  $21.77*

Total Left for February Groceries:  $125.86 or less!

We may be heading out to the grocery store later this morning, weather depending.  The weathermen are calling for more snow Sunday into Monday and I had originally planned on running out on Sunday (Farmer's Market and possibly Aldi's for a couple of items).  IF I do head out today, it will count towards next week's expenditures.  Otherwise, who knows?  Maybe I will try to push shopping out until sometime next week!  =)


  1. My food and "stuff" budget is $350. I need to shimmy back the groceries to make this, as we are over the household portion. I lan to do many vegetarian optiosn with dry beans this month, plus hot dishes, which are cheap and have leftovers, plus mor esoup. I should be able to do it if I am planful. Good luck to you.

    1. Good luck! Sounds like we are both in the same boat. =)

  2. You have done well on your budget this month. When the Whole30 thing is done I think I need to do a no spend month except for milk and salad fixin's.

    1. It's so awesome that you have been able to do the Whole30 program! It seems like a lot of the blogs I have been reading are trying this. I am thinking of looking into it as well....although I hear it can be expensive without super careful planning.

    2. I did not plan carefully and am paying for it (literally)

  3. Glad to know that I wasn't the only person who went over budget in January and it trying to fix it now :) I think that it is totally understandable that it takes a little bit more to cut down so quickly. Here is hoping that you have a great (and quick moving) month so that you stay under budget. My sickness is making it hard to stay under budget because I can't get everything together to make food but on the other hand, I also can't make it to the store :) Hope you have a better month for better reasons!!!

    1. Hope you are on the mend now! Being sick can definitely put a damper on the food prep and budget! I feel like I am constantly fighting the "lets just order take out" when I'm not feeling up to par. Take care!