Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Kitchen Prep & Figuring Out the Next Few Weeks...

It seems I have gotten myself into a bit of a pattern where I spend part of Sundays baking and prepping for the following week!  This, in my opinion, is a good habit to get into!  =)

Today I need to bake some type of "grab and go" breakfast style item that the Guppies can take to school in the morning.  I'm thinking of making a coffee cake today since it can serve a dual purpose in that Papa can pack a piece or two for snacking on during the work day. 

I'll precook some bacon and pull out the freezer bag with the rest of my English muffins today too so the additional options of Egg McMuffin style sandwiches and "Breakfast Delight" sandwiches can be added to breakfast.

As I have been saying all last week, the next few weeks are going to be super challenging in a LOT of different ways.  It's practically a given now that Papa will be working until very late into the night (1 or 2am) Monday through Thursday until this project is completed.  He is helping with the manual moving of products and, while not in his job description, he is staying to do it/help to make sure it gets done correctly and as quickly as possible (the more hands the better).  It sucks that there is no overtime involved BUT, boy, there are benefits!  His boss's boss stopped him in the hall on Friday to discuss all the time/effort he is putting into this project - which made Papa pretty happy.  His plan is to give this job everything he has for the next year or so and see where things go.  Papa has been told many times already there is room for advancement.  Time will tell.


I have given up the idea of saving dinner for him when he gets home that late.  It's not good for his stomach/gall bladder issues.  But, I can't let him starve either (LOL). 

So, my trial plan for this week is to send him with extra "snacky style" things, lunch, and an easier portable dinner that he can eat whenever they take a break.

As an example, my plan for him on Monday:
Lemon Yogurt with Granola
Kiwi & Strawberries
Coffee Cake
Chicken Noodle Soup
Cheese & Crackers
Cavatelli with Broccoli

He also has other shelf stable snacks in his office which he can eat if needed.

I have to give a little more thought as to how I am going to juggle other lunches/dinners since he normally would take the previous night's leftovers for lunch.  I'm hoping that egg salad and tuna salad will help fill in any gaps I find this week.

If this week's trial run works, I'll continue it until the project is finished (mid March) and Papa returns to a more "normal" work day.

If it doesn't work, I'll tweak it or brainstorm again.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


  1. During our normal routine I do a lot of prepping on Sundays, too. I agree it is a good habit to get into. However, for us we have a crazy schedule from January to mid April because of a small side business my husband runs. I find myself pulling together a lot of snacky type and heat and go meals for him this time of year. I don't know what your husband can and cannot eat, but I do find that my husband likes "hand pies." He can heat them and eat with little mess. (Basically I suppose they are a homemade hot pocket.).

    1. Oooh! Hand pies are a great idea! And very versatile to boot! The options are pretty endless for fillings as well Thanks so much! The craziness of his hours (currently leaving work between 8 and 9am and coming back home at 2am) will be over in a few weeks...but I do have to pack him lunch and dinner until the project is over. ;)